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Light up frisbee causing attraction to moving lights?

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I got an awesome light up frisbee that we use at night. I've had it for a couple of weeks now and have used it 3-4 times. I have noticed that Soda has become much more interested in chasing the cars as they pass by as we walk home from playing at the park after a night-frisbee session. She has shown some interest before in the past but it was always fleeting and it's usually only large vehicles that make a lot of noise (semi's, buses, etc--and only at night). I would say she had previously wanted to chase them less than once every two months. Very infrequently and usually a "HEY! KNOCK IT OFF" worked.


Well, today after playing with the light up frisbee she was much more focused on the cars. The first time I told her to knock it off and the second time I really got on her and grabbed her and got in her face (chasing cars is a big no-no, even though she's always on leash). Then I'll be danged if she didn't try it again, though a "HEY!" did snap her out if it. When I think back on the last time we played with it, she has shown interest in chasing cars but not like tonight.


We used to have a light up ball and never had a problem but it flashed and the frisbee is a solid led light, though it does slowly change colors.


Coincidence or anyone else have anything similar happen?

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I would say it seems like it might be the cause of her chasing the cars more if nothing else has changed with her play time or walking time. I can see how the light of the frisbee could make her chase the light of the cars at night since it's a solid light. I'm not sure if a blinking light would be better or not but it may have a difference in how they see the toy vs car. I would try not playing with it for a few weeks and see how she does. If she stops trying to chase the cars I wouldn't use it anymore. Even though it sounds cool :rolleyes:

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Stop letting your dog play with lights. that's one of the worst things you can do because it will turn your BC OCD over lights and reflection of all kinds. I;ve had the problem its one you don't want.

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