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I am going to be getting a new young adult Border Collie in the next couple of months, when the right rescue match shows up and I want to do the foundation work myself. I am looking for foundation DVDs that will give me a structured guide to the basic skills. I live an agility black hole and do not have many formal training options so I think home schooling with good info is best the option to get my new friend of to a good start.

I started agility with Brody a year and half ago, and have been training full time for a year and competing since this summer. My intro to agility with Brody was very spotty. We took a basic intro class, that I could easily duplicate at home. The facility I took that class is over an an hour from home and for many reasons will not be going back. The trainer we work with now does not offer intro classes often, so I am planning on working the basics myself before we go to class with her.

Clean run has so many options that I have no idea what to order. :rolleyes:

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Rachel Sanders is one of my favourite insrtuctors. She has a DVD called The Pre Sports puppy. There is also one called In Focus, Beginning Obstacle Skills which is great for introducing obstacles. Also Greg Derretts foundation DVD. I don't really like the Moe Strenfel ones but there seem to be people that are quite happy with it. With all the DVD's i have watched though i still go back to what i already knew. If you already have a dog ompeting thid should be easy to figure out. Just google foundation agility and you will find things like nose touches, rear end awareness, circle work, directionals (left,right,go-on,here) um make sure your basics are perfect. A bombproof stay, rocketing recalls :rolleyes: also a sit,stand or down etc. I just do alot of relationship building i think thats the main one. Having a dog that will work and focus on you. Building toy drive and speed is important. I had to redo foundation work for my older girl at a year old as i skipped it all. And alot of it doesn't really have much to do with competing later on, just think of what you want to achieve and what you need to do to get there as best as you can. Good Luck it is so exciting to start training with a new dog.

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I have a dvd by Moe and one by Rachel Sanders - I do enjoy both of them though I don't compete in agility, the foundation work is what I've used on each of my dogs to build a really strong handler focus.

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