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My own life turned upside down and that is why I just signed into the boards today


In July, while Tucker & I were at a Agility Trial, my S.O. passed away of a massive heart attack.

When we came home from the trial, we found him.

Needless to say my life has been in turmoil but I would be out of my mind if not for Tucker.

Tucker went through depression, even though S.O. was not the one who trained him, he was there always and Tucker Herded him every step of the day. After his death, he would lay in the yard when I came home from work and wait for him to pull in the drive, he thought he was coming back home. Then he would come to the door and bark for me to come outside with him. It was sad, and the only thing I could think of to help him adjust was another dog. Now that sounded like the craziest idea in the world in the midst of a upside down world, but fate had a different idea.

One Saturday morning I was on my Facebook page, and a border collie breeder posted a pic of a rescue dog BC/Lab mix, that had been transported from Kentucky to PA. Her pic struck me, her past unknown, as she was a stray that wound up in SPCA there. Well Sunday morning Tucker & I made a trip to the foster moms house to meet her.

I took video, brought it home, showed everyone, my friends, vet, trainer, I was worried I was making a crazy move,

but they all supported me.


Well I have had Allie now for 4 months this coming weekend. She turned Tucker around 360 and he is a happy dog with a playmate. They get along great together, for which I am very happy! She experienced her first snow this weekend, and started her first foundation agility class last week. She is big girl, about 2 years old they figure. She has come a long way in 4 months given the time I have had for training her. She has one issue though, she does not like strangers entering the property. She is fine once she knows the person, but not so fine if not. She is fine with all people & dogs off the property though. Maybe time will help this, I am not sure, but I know that she must greet people very slowly on her own turf. And given all I have learned in the past year, from stories here and people I know, I am grateful her issue is one I can deal with.


When I have some time I will post pics of them, but life is so crazy now. Tucker is doing very well in Agility, within a years time, I am so proud of him and I know S.O. would be too. Tucker and I competed in DOCNA championships in October and got 2nd place east coast NAC! We even got a quote in CR, not bad for our first year, neither of us ever competed before. So the little pure breed shelter pup with OCD is my first Agility dog ever! This Saturday will mark a year since our first competion and we are trying CPE for the first time. What fun new games to learn. Our one AKC trial was a riot we did aweful but provided plenty of entertainment for my friends to enjoy!

God bless S.O. for making all our Agililty equiptment for the yard, supporting our training and loving us even to our last words that were 'we got two jumpers Q's' Never did I think they would be our last words, he spotted Tucker first at the shelter that day, and knew I would fall in love with the little pup as soon as I saw his face, he was right!

What he didn't know was that Tucker would be my strength and comfort when he left this world.


Allie has completed our family she has a long way to go but she will learn and be fine with time. Tucker plays big brother and tries to show her by example when ever he can.

To all who read this post,

Peace be with you,

Pia & Tucker & Allie

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What a great story. These guys are amazing. Thank you for sharing and I'm sure your S.O. Is very proud of you guys!


Peace and prayers,

AJ and black jack

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