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Help, please! Violet has decided OH is a sheep!

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Here I've been married to the man for almost ten years, and had no idea he was a sheep. I guess the wife really is the last to know. :D:D


At least I guess that's what Violet's trying to tell me. Last night she kept fixing that really focused stare on OH, and then creeping towards him in a crouched position. Then she'd try and take his ankle in her mouth.


She used to do this exact same thing with one of the cattle dogs at her last home. I could kind of understand that, as Outback is sort of round and curly-haired with a short tail, but OH is none of those things *and* bipedal as well - so nothing at all like a sheep as far as I can see. :rolleyes:


She only started this last night, after living with us for two weeks. Has anyone got any ideas on how to stop it, since, as you might imagine, OH finds being herded very annoying. She stops as soon as he tells her "no!" or makes the "aaangh" sound, but it doesn't prevent her from trying to creep up on him again the next time.


What to do?

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He will need to tell her annnt or No everytime he sees her getting into the mode with him. She should get the point soon. Took a good while with Maggie she really wanted total control of who went where in the backyard.


Another thing that mite work is hook them up together. Just clip her leash to his belt buckle, she'll go were he goes.

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Originally posted by Meg's mum:

Ok you guys, I finally figured out that DH means Darling Husband and not Divorced Husband (it does on some forums) but what in Sam Hill is an OH?

OH = Other Half.


I've been wondering for the longest time what a DH was. All I could think was "Designated Hitter," but I was pretty sure that wasn't right.


Thanks, karrie - we'll keep telling the little maniac "no" and hope she gets the point soon. I don't think I can talk my husband into being siamese twins with a BC (although it makes perfect sense to me).


Heppers - I bet Daisy will find her "inner herder" one day.

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I couldn't figure out the OH, either - figured something with hubby - now for DH - I'm never sure if it's darling or darned. Maybe I shouldn't have laughed, but couldn't help it - sure she isn't trying to tell you something? Maybe she wants to be the S0 (significant other) - tell your hubby he has competition and keep telling her "no" - if you aren't laughing too hard.

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Violet has jilted OH for a better "sheep" - my little feist dog, Abbie. :rolleyes:


I'd been keeping her separated from the two little ankle-biters, Abbie and Arlo (Lhasa Apso), with baby gates for the past two weeks. But this weekend I decided that since they'd stopped growling at each other through the barriers it might be time to let them be one happy family. Violet still doesn't know what to make of Arlo - who has that unfortunate attitude so often associated with short males :D -but she thinks Abbie makes a much better sheep than either the cats or OH. :cool:


I guess I better go learn what herding trials are all about so Violet can focus her attention on some real sheep. :D

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