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Just saw this on a friend's facebook site...



BBC America is airing the controversial documentary, Pedigree Dogs Exposed, Tuesday at 8 pm EST. Disturbing, probing look at the effects of inbreeding and selecting for exaggerated traits. It caused an uproar in the UK and nearly shut down the Crufts dog show. You can also watch it on Terrierman's web site.




Terrierman also has a nice blog entry written about the topic here, which mentions Border Collies and other working/performance breeds:



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It caused an uproar in the UK and nearly shut down the Crufts dog show.


Yes, it rightly caused an uproar but it didn't nearly shut Crufts down by any means.

The BBC pulled out of TV coverage but the KC arranged online coverage of the events people really want to see (not the breed showing) and it was far superior to anything the BBC ever did.

The only practical effect on Crufts was that it was very marginally quieter than usual.



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Guest echoica

This is a really interesting documentary. I have recommended it to friends before. It's really sad what has happened to some of these breeds over time. I really don't get how they think GSD's look better with that sunken back end. They walk funny and it looks plain stupid!!

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