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hello again!

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hey guys! long time no speak!


I dunno who will remember me and the crew, but It's Donna from the uk, with brighid and pilot.

sorry for the sudden dissapearance, but my life took a huge change of direction.

I litterally upped and left with my dogs, and started on the life i always wanted, having realised that despite promises made, it wasnt going to happen if i remained where i was and with who i was with. to say he is being difficult is the understatement of the decade, hence the name change and all!

long story short, i now live in the middle of nowhere, in a static caravan with the beasters, and with the love of my life whom fate brought to me :D

my time on here will probably be sporadic, but i'm amazed i can get interwebz at all living on a field.

dogs are all fine, excepts brighid who is sulking cos she cant play as she was spayed on friday. pi has grown into the most handsome devil and smart as a button! he is learning very basic ropes on the sheep we have here, and red (new nickname for her, she wont listen to anything else now :rolleyes: ) has proved to be a dab paw with the geese, which is fortunate cos they attack anyone else here when its time for bed, so when i do the birds, she puts them away for me! who'd a thunk it?

hope everyone is all ok, and puppers too.

glad to be back, i've missed you guys.

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thanks for the welcome back guys!


yup it was scary doing what i did, but i am soooooooo glad i found the guts to do it!

the only downside was when i left i took all 3 dogs, but squirrel was technically the ex's dog and he wanted her back. funny how he did nothing with her when i was there, but i have it on good authority that she is being well looked after, so perhaps it's for the best :D


anyhoo i gots some pics!

remember the little ball of black and white cuteness?


well he grew up!


and for those of you that guessed, his ears did indeed go up and stay up!


red is as wonderful as ever


but unfortunately her ears fall off if you point a camera at her!


the two of em together



and just in case you had forgotten who i was :D




and my man, mike

one day we may get a pic of us together, but the dogs havent worked out the shutter release yet :rolleyes:




i have never been so happy :D



ps desertranger, no you wont know me from any uk bc places, but the tinterwebz is a big place, we may have 'met' somewhere!

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Hi Donna! Great to see you back on the boards and CONGRATS on being brave enough to make your life what you wanted :rolleyes: The pups look great (you and Mike too!) Hope you get to pop in now and then!

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