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Just the way a stealth bomber moves..


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I posted this here instead of in health because I figured you working people may have seen this in your dogs. And perhaps her style of working causes it.


My young dog has never shown any signs of lameness, off sheep I have never seen anything strange in her movements. However on sheep I have noticed this strange thing that she does. Not all the time.. It happens when she is fetching (can't tell if it happens on the drive) and really starts to push the sheep. She has a lot of eye and really gets low to the ground..and gets quite "stalky" when she gets in this position her elbows wing outward as she moves. It's really very strange looking..I never see it on the outrun or when she's coming fast onto her sheep, only when she gets in her low to the ground postion.


I'm a bit concerned that there's an underlying problem with her elbows thats causing this. Hoping it's just the way she moves.

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Think of it this way: If she is working with her body really low, where would you expect her elbows to be? This is more noticeable on short coated dogs. She needs to keep her feet under her center of mass to maneuver, her torso is low so her elbows are going to have to stick out. She can't move too fast in this position, so you notice it when she slows down.


Of course without actually seeing what you are I'm only speculating, but it doesn't sound like something to worry about. Or if it is, it isn't something one can do much about.

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