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Aging eyesight


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Now that I get home well after dark, I need to walk the dogs using a headlamp. There are no streetlights, no other houses, around us so it is dark. I understand that as dogs age, their eyesight at night might not be as good. My concerns aren't for my BCs yet (although Jazz is 10 1/2) but my 13 1/2 year old schnauzer does seem to have some issues. I thought of actually using one of my small led headlamps as a collar for him so that he could have his own 'light source' for walking.

I know...it sounds a bit crazy but would it help?

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I use a flashlight for Sam when she's jumping out of the car on a dark morning, or at the back stairs, it seems to make a big difference.


Putting an LED light around a dog's neck, though, I don't think it would light the path in front of him. You may have to get another, handheld flash light just for Zach.


I can remember when Sam would be able to hear a chuckit ball dropping in the grass 20 feet away from her, in pitch dark. Those days are long gone.



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The light I use for my dog actually does light his path. The bulbs aim at the ground, and produce a widening cone that moves ahead of the dog. My friend and I will often enlist the help of the other one's dog and lamp to find a pile of poop in brown leaves at 5 a.m.. (The dogs don't wanna go anywhere near their own poop, and quickly vamoose away from it - hence our issue.)


It's called the PupLight, and it's got 3 LEDs in it. I think it might help your dog just fine. Mine was around $10 at Petco, and it's going on its 3rd winter. I think they sell for $22.00 now.




Even if it doesn't help your aging dog, it's a handy thing to have. One less thing I have to carry in my hands. (Leash. Bags. Treats. Keys. Mittens. Oy.)


Good luck!



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