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Economic life blood of the AKC-Puppy mills


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Patrick Burns of the crusading blog; "Terrierman's Daily Dose" has hit a home run with his this post:


AKC returns to Petland to sell puppy mill dogs


Hammering away at the AKC and their unconscionable support of puppy mills, he has exposed the AKC's latest program to register puppy mill dogs through stores like Petland. Watch the video. He has proof and asks these good questions:


Who thinks dogs should be raised in cages?


Who sanctions "bred until dead" as a defensible business model?


...and then he names names.


Come on people. We outright kill somewhere between 2 and 3 million unwanted dogs in our country every year. It's time to put the mills out of business! When you watch the Westminister Dog Show, you support the cruelty shown in the video. When you register a puppy with the AKC, you support the cruelty. When you attend an AKC show or event as a participant, spectator or vendor, you support the cruelty. How can you do that??? Stop the madness.

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Very difficult video to watch. Sickening. I was struck by the sadness in the eyes of those poor dogs. How can someone do that and think it's alright? :rolleyes: Thank you for posting this.

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Did you visit the Hunte Corporation's website? They have video footage proudly displaying their facilities... looked like a huge vet's office, only difference is those dogs never leave the cages. Their feeding system looks like that of a sow farm's, and the way they hose everything off to clean all the poop out looks like a research lab. Infuriating... I find it especially frustrating that the general public doesn't know about this stuff, nor do they do their research, nor do they even WANT to be shown.


I was also *SHOCKED* to see ABCA on the list of registries!!!!!!!! WTH?!!

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Hello all,


Here's the link Penny is talking about regarding buncher activity. It is to the advocacy page of the ASPCA (make a small donation while you're there) and after filling in a short form, a letter will forward to the appropriate Congressmen and Representative on your behalf. Simple, easy and takes 5 minutes.


Here's the link to my blog on bunchers.


Cheers all,

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What do you guys all think of the HSUS's petition to appoint an Animal Protection Liaison in the White House?


This is being passed around other sites:

We have developed a change agenda for animals, which outlines 100 immediate steps the Obama Administration can take to help animals—including millions of pets, farm animals, laboratory animals, and wildlife. With your help, we can ensure the Administration is addressing these critical animal protection issues in an ongoing and sustained way.


Ask the Obama Administration to appoint an Animal Protection Liaison in the White House to work with the executive agencies and Congress to advance animal protection policies.


Here is the agenda:http://action.humanesociety.org/site/PageN...nda_for_Animals

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