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I bought some chicken livers on sale for Riven. She still eats mostly kibble, but I do give her meat if I can find it on sale. She has never had liver that I know of. However, if we are bad parents and run out of dog food due to lack of communication, we feed her near raw boiled gizzards, and she loves those.


My question is, I want to make liver snacks/training treats and I KNOW she wont eat raw chicken. She REFUSES to eat it. Im kinda wanting something I can bake or something so it isnt horribly messy or bloody or whatnot.. Thanks

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If you bake chicken livers at about 300 for 20 minutes or so, they make fine training treats. I sprinkle a little garlic powder on them (yes yes I know about garlic). Beef heart (boiled for about 15 minuts and then baked) also make great training treats.


Last week I made tuna brownies for the dogs which are great if your dog can handle flour, as they are super cheap = flower, eggs, cans of tuna. Makes a zillion.



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I just made liver treats by pureeing 1 pound of liver in the food processor. Then I added 1 cup of flour and an egg (whole with shell) and ran that through the food procesor.


Then I lined a pan with foil, drizzled in some olive oil, and baked the mizture for 1 hour.


It made nice treats. Next time I will add some garlic, though.

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Ours don't eat raw liver either.

I fry liver pieces in a pan (with butter and a bit of garlic) for a very short time, just enough to make the surface of the pieces stop tasting like liver. They gobble it down way too fast to notice that the inside is still raw in all its "livery" glory :rolleyes: .

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