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Update on a border collie from previous post

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Just an update: Not sure if many people remember this thread about Raven. http://www.bordercollie.org/boards/index.p...=24556&st=0


Long story short a person got her but didn't really understand border collie intelligent, engery level, or the breed really well. It made for one miserable owner and dog. As soon as I saw the post I had started emailing her. Long story short I got a new dog this week. With Cressa blessing (I didn't want a b*tch fight on my hands so ask for my pack to meet her. Cressa forms strong opinion when she meet a dog and either she likes them or she doesn't) I brought her home. We are still on a trial bais... but she already won me over. She does need to go on a diet. ugh How can you let a border collie get FAT?! and we are working on her become being more active. She also show no interest in playing with Troy or Cressa but I am hoping once she a little more settle to see more interest in playing. The only other issue was her butt hair was matted and she wasn't groom.


I haven't notice problems that her pervious owner had. But from what I understand Raven was left outside obessiving about the "other" side of the fence for most of the day if not the whole day with her other owners. I don' leave my dog outside unsupervise. She has yet made a peep. The only "problem" I have is she is a little obessive with cats but she has never been around cats before. So we are working on it. She was around kids without incident. When question as to why the dog had an "issue" with kid as the dog was giving the breeders kid kisses the answer was a kid had tackle her from behind and completly startle her(i think she jump and growl but I might be wrong) and then the other kids use to "play" with her on the other isde of the fence as in running back and forth. But I know we are still in the grace period so we'll see how she turns out.


Also not sure how it happen but NO the breeders didn't drop off the face of the earth. They didn't move or change their phone #. They still live in the same place for the past 6 years. They didn't know the owner didn't want the dog till AKC contacted them saying the owner couldn't get in contact with her and wanted her name off the papers.


Oh yeah I will be doing agility with her and hopefully finishing her! She is quicky picking up on my signals and my commands.


Pictures will come when I take some...

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Wonderful news. Are you thinking of changing Raven's name? You never know what baggage it brings - a new name may be a new lease on life. Good luck.


Can't think of anything else to call her. and she responds to Raven soo... :rolleyes:


Also any suggestion on introducing an adult into a pack? I know how to introduce new cats never had to introduce an adult before.

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I'd suggest keeping her separated from your other 2 by baby gates for at least a week or two, depending how well they are doing. Even if they seem to be getting along, still keep them separated most of the time. It will give Raven time to adjust, as well as Troy and Cressa to the idea of a new pack member. When I brought Ripley home, I kept him gated in the kitchen for about 2 weeks. I didn't need to be super-diligent about keeping him separate from Anna and Sadie (they had yard time together, plus he was perfectly happy to be bossed around by the girls) but in the house he was behind the gates. Gradually increase the free time with the other dogs in the house.

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