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I hadn't planned on starting Kenzi on sheep. I don't *need* another sheepdog right now, my main goal for her is SAR work and I have no clue what her background is. So I figured we won't even go there for a while and maybe do it in the future sometime.


I took the dogs out to the field to play ball this afternoon. Kenzi has looked over at the sheep grazing on the other half a couple times and was a bit interested, but as soon as we started playing ball that was the focus. She was 30 ft ahead of me today and got out to the field and looked at the sheep. Her head went down, as did the happy-go-lucky tail. Silly pup turned serious and before I could step on her long line she wriggled between the fence and chased the 4 sheep into the barn :rolleyes::D I'm glad the sheep turned toward the barn automatically 'cause it would not have been easy catching her otherwise. But I'd say she's at the very least go some interest in the process...


I think I'll have to take her along the next time I head over to Jeanne's for a lesson just to see what she does.

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Time to buy whistles and get some sheep!




Already got 'em - they came long before the dogs :D Otherwise there's no way I'd be exercising such a drivey pup anywhere near sheep :rolleyes: ! Thankfully the sheep kept near the house usually go to the barn when I go out to exercise dogs and out of sight = out of mind, at least when I have a ball to throw

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