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And yet another Breed guessing thread!

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We are pretty certain that Freedom is a Border Collie crossed with some sort of terrier... There has also been some debate whether she is a Libby 'Mini-Me' since their markings appear a bit similar (which is what first caught my eye at the humane society).


What do you all think?






And just for a size comparison: Libby weighs 45 lbs, and stands 18 inches. Freedom probably weighs 20-25 lbs (find out for sure tomorrow) and stands around the 14-15 inch mark.



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Clearly you are mistaken. That's a Chuhuahua.



OK, fun aside... Hell, I dunno. That's a nice deep chest... Possibly a BorderJack, though more likely a Border-Beagle. But those are really tenuous guesses. It could just as easily be a spaniel or cavalier in there.

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