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Our agility weekend!!!

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So I started running Cressa again. Still sound horrible after running her (think astma attack/person who is coughing up lung). This was our sencond trial in over 6 months of NOT running together! SHe did awesome. She was really smooth and fast. We didn't Q in JWW when I fell to decelerate and drove her too fast into the weave. She dove into the first pole but couldn't slow down to finish them so blew past. In standard she was beautiful and we got 1st place. Cressa normally runs fine for anyone but for some reason I had a feeling that unless I run her she wouldn't Q. Well I got stuck at my job later then expected and someone else had to run her and she NQ. I ran her agian in standard and we Q'd but got second cause of handler error. *Cressa thinks her handler could be better on her cues... LOL I am like that person on a trip with the directions that seem to give them when you drive past the turn that whoops that WAS the turn.


Cressa pratice weaves at home:



Cressa at the start line



here are some Cressa videos of this weekend:


Cressa JWW on Saturday:


Cressa Standard on Saturday:


and Cressa Standard on Sunday:


Troy played agility on Sunday. HE DID AWESOME! This was our first indoor trial. He got 1st place in both standard and jumpers. :rolleyes: We are still figuring out how to be a team on the course. In standard I push him off two jumps but he drove to the end of each of his contact and held his 2o2o, did his weaves perfectly, and was focus. I fell to decelerate on the drive from the weaves-jump-table and he went off the table giving us a table fault. BUt he still Q and got first. In jumpers he WAS AWESOME!!! He was fast, and focus. He even got his weave entry which was a hard entries for baby dogs. We just need 1 more Q in JWW and STD to get into open!


Troy praticing weaves at home:



Troy in his x-pen waiting for his turn:



Troy cooling off after the show:



Here is Troy's weekend. Before each run I put the course's that we were running.

Troy jumpers and standard run:


How was your weekend?

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