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Hello, All!


This is my first entry at this site. I am very excited as I am hoping to learn a lot here.


I am sure you are all asked the question often- I see someone has asked it recently for his or herself.


So, here we go...


I am currently researching several breeds as I am looking to add a new dog member to my family. Border Collies are on my list of possible dogs.


I currently have a year and a half old Black Lab/German Shorthaired Pointer mix. He is an active, friendly, loyal and loving boy. Tucker and I head out every day, regardless of weather. We hike, run, and play- fetch, chase- whatever. Tucker goes everywhere with me as will my next dog. I have no children and my dog is my priority.


I am just wondering if those of you with Border Colllie experience could give me your opinioins/advice. I have read about BC's, but I feel that the best insight comes from those who live it every day.


Thank you in advance...

Cole and Tucker

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I can say from experience, you will find a great running,walking playmate in a BC. The more active you are, including your dog, the happier he/she will be. My first BC was a rescue of about 1 yr old and was easily trained, got along well with other dogs and even the cat, and was a loyal, loving addition to our family. He went everywhere with us. We lost him last summer and couldn't bear a home without a dog, so we got another rescue BC, but this time age 4 and he is another wonderful addition to the household. He needed more training and we worked diligently to get him where he is now in the short 8 months we have had Cody. he overcame a door bolting issue, an inability to STOP herding the cat, and alot of other things. He also came to us with a broken leg in a cast and has healed andis doing wonderfully with exercise and lots of love. May I suggest a resuced BC if a puppy isn't in your decision, because there are so many out there in need of homes that the people on this board will gladly assist you in finding in your area. I have learned so much from this forum. There's not a question unanswered here, that's for sure. If you're looking into herding/agility, here's the place to get you started. If you're just looking to add another family member, again, this is the place for advice....good luck and thanks for considering a BC!!!! Kathy and Cody

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Kathy and Cody-


Thank you so much for the response!


I am actually strongly considering a rescue. Tucker is a shelter guy himself- and I've committed myself to giving him the best life possible. It would only feel natural for me to do the same for another dog. I am pretty active- and Tucker keeps me even more so than ever.


Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me. I am happy to know that BC are hard-working, good learners...Tucker is responding really well to training, and when we really have things running smoothly, we will truly delve into our search.


Take good care!


Cole and Tucker

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This is something about BCs - I find it 100% true! It is ment to be funny but can really help anyway (it goes for multiple pages):




Also this (I think it is very true also):



You don't want to spend a significant amount of time doing "dog" stuff daily.

You don't like going outside (in all weather).

You have several young children.

You are a couch potato.

You can't throw a tennis ball more than ten feet, even on a day with no wind.

You don't like getting dirty.

You can only think of SIT, DOWN, and STAY to teach your dog.

You want a dog to stay in your house and backyard only.

You care deeply about your landscaped yard and flowerbeds.

You care deeply about your expensive matching furniture.

You like going to the bathroom alone.




You want to do everything with your dog.

You don't mind being outsmarted by a dog.

Your dog isn't "just like a member of the family"- it is a member of the family.

You like to spend a significant amount of time outdoors.

You want a "hot dog" kind of dog athlete.

You wake up thinking, "what can I do with my dog today?"

You want a dog that can excel in every dog sport (agility, flyball, obedience, tracking, etc..,)

You want a dog you can't ignore.

You want a dog that makes you think.

You don't mind a tennis ball being poked through the shower curtain at you.


If you just want a walking partner alone - a BC might not be the dog. But if you want mostly a walking partner plus a crazy companion that needs plenty of mental stimulation as well - then a BC is for you. :rolleyes:

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Thanks much! That is hysterical.


My family makes fun of me because my life is my dog- I live for him! I can't wait to get home from work to see him and spend time with him. I also have a rule that I will not engage in a physical workout that doesn't involve my dog- it's just not fair otherwise.


My latest and greatest goal is to find a career that will allow me to have my dog(s) with me...public school just doesn't allow that! :rolleyes:


I am truly devoted to my dog- whether it be exercising, playing, training, goofing around, or snuggling. He's my guy.


What does your day with your BC look like?

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If you are looking for a job that allows you to bring you dog...... (yes another link is coming :rolleyes: )


Dogster (the doggiest site in the world) just made something for people like you. You just search for you job type and all the results that Dogster has put in allows you to bring a pet!


Here is the link:



Scroll down a bit and on the right side (in the tan box) there is something titled "Want a Dog-Friendly Job?". Enjoy.


A day with Dazzle....


? Wake up.

? Let her outside and watch her run around like crazy.

? When she is calmer and ready to come inside she will ring her doggie doorbell.

? Let her in.

? She will bring you her dish now, fill it.

? After eating she will ring her doorbell (the one inside) - let her back out now.

? Once she is done potty-ing warm up her muscles.

? Now you run her through the Agility course in the backyard.

? It is now safe enough to take her for a calm walk around the neighborhood.

? On clear/dry days stop at the park for some Frisbee.

? Now you can go home a relax for a minute and let her get some water.

? If she rings the doorbell now - let her out.

? Put her in her crate and go off to do your things (whatever they may be).

? Come home and let her out - this may be deadly so be careful.

? Dry the dog slobber off of your face and let her outside again.

? Maybe do some more Agility training now.

? Now she curls up at your feet while you are on the Border Collie Boards.

? When she brings you her dish again - fill it, this is dinner.

? Play ?tug o war? and fetch while you watch TV.

? Do training during commercials.

? After 20 some minutes of playing/training just let her play on her own while you do stuff.

? Now she will be snoozing on the couch, don't wake her up or you will have to do more stuff with her.

? When she is awake again and ringing the doorbell - let her out.

? When it is time for bed - make her clean up her toys and then head up the stairs.

? Do NOT try to race up the stairs - she always wins and will knock you down in the process.

? Let her open her crate, get in, and then close her crate behind her.

? Now you get to lock her in for the night.

? Now you can sleep - and do it all again tomorrow. :D


Between all those things she will usually sit around/sleep.

This is only a good day. If I am sick, or just don?t feel like doing all that in a day ? she is OK with that, she will just rest with me. So we may leave out a few things every day but that is a basic layout.


Also, once a week we go to agility class.

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Somehow I missed your description of your day the first time I looked at your response...


My goodness! You are busy! And a doggie-doorbell? What an amazingly smart dog!


If I may...do you work? Do you think a 7:30-3:30 workday is too long to be away from a Border Collie?

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Originally posted by Cole:

Do you think a 7:30-3:30 workday is too long to be away from a Border Collie?

I'm not Kat, but I'm away from home for 9 -10 hours a day. There's been no problem. Two days a week, someone comes around noon to let the dogs out for a romp. In the past, my dogs have spent the day in the house with no breaks and did fine. The other three days, I can take my dogs with me to the office, but I'm actually supposed to be working so they only get casual attention and spend most of the time sleeping or chewing on a Nylabone. I do usually train them a bit at noon and Quinn always gets a game of fetch as well. But mostly they hang.
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If you decide to get a BC, do seriously consider a rescue -- that way you get a dog that will fit best with your lifestyle and you can give a dog a forever home. If you aren't sure where to start looking you can give folks here a general idea of where you are located and they can direct you to the rescues in your area.


Good luck!

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No, I don't work - I am still in school.

Although, to the dog that has to stay home - it amounts to the same thing! :rolleyes:


I don't think that it is at all to long.


Some days I am gone for 9-10 hours also, that is no problem for her - there is always another day to play more frisbee!

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Oh, I know hwat you mean about the dog that has to stay home. My trouble with Tucker is that he is intolerant of me being home if I'm not hanging out with him.


Don't get me wrong-he's not completely obnoxious- I can go about my daily routines. But if I'm home sick...look out...he becomes a whining baby!

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Consider a mix maybe, too? We have a BC/lab mix and he is extremely flexible and happy to be doing whatever you are. He can be extremely active/agility guy if that is what you feel like doing or he can be couch potato dude if that's what you want to do. He is the smartest dog I have ever had and the most interested in learning anything I want him to. He loves to play hide and seek (we do sit/stay and then hide and call our recall word, only once then he has to sniff us out) This has really improved his recall as well.


If you want him to do something he doesn't really want to do, he will ignore you unless you say the exact word.(down for off, all done instead of enough, etc.) But if he doesn't mind complying you can use whatever word and he knows what you want, mind-reading or something I guess.


Patricia McConnell has some great ideas for a pestery dog when you are sick or whatever. She says "Enough" in a low quiet voice, then two pats on the top of the head, then turn your face to the side away from the dog, chin up (snobby look), then no further eye contact. I tried it on poor Scout and he left the room! It hurt his feelings, but with him you just say enough and he leaves you alone.


Scout would be fine home alone in the day, but this does make him more needy. He is a very not-needy dog as we are around most of the time. (I am mostly stay-at-home mom with kids)


I also wouldn't get a dog you can't take back in case the new dog and less new dog don't end up getting along.


Best of luck.

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