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  1. We freeze peanut butter inside in the summer for hot days, but I read about alot of other things to stuff it with, that I havent tried-sometimes he gets chicken and rice mixture smushed inside and he goes wild for that. The treat balls are awesome and we found tiny treats at the grocery store that fit int hem perfect and everytime he rolls it around with his nose they fly out and he scatters around collecting them.
  2. OMG-Cody after eating does this hlarious stunt wiping his face off-he must have OCD about cleanliness!!!Right after eating he runs full speed thru the dining room and slams himself down on the floor wriggling all over and wiping his face up against the couch or loveseat and rolling around snorting-we crack up everytime he does it, doesnt matter what he's eaten at meal time, either, he just does it. Either he is super clean or he is so happy and satisfied that he expresses himself in such a way, but it is sure entertaining!
  3. OMG the pic url must've been incorrect or something-here we go!!!!
  4. I had it before and cannot get it since getting my new puter?
  5. I think Cody gets most of how we feel thru our interactions with him, but one thing I would love him to "get" is that every movement outside does not require you to bark your fool head off, and everyone coming on the porch is NOT a bad person you need to tell to back off, and last, but not least, Casey, your kitty sibling, does NOT want your bones/toys, he's just nosey, and please dont ever bite his head off for being noset-really, he doesn't want those things....
  6. Well I just tried it again and it shows a blank, the last time I did it , there was an "x" in the white box with no pic....I'll do as you say and check back on it, but before it showed instantly, should have just left it go I guess...lol-thanks alot though
  7. I got a new puter and somehow when trying to change my avatar image I now dont have one showing. Is there something I need to do in this new puter to be able to share my pic from photobucket in my avatar? I remember something about privacy settings a long time ago but cant remember what I had to do in the puter itself, Any help will be appreciated...thanks
  8. I tried the slipcover thing and got tired of constantly tucking and straightening it so I bought a king size sheet-solid color to match a color in the sofa and loveseat and made myself pillow cases, if you will, to cover each cushion and made them extra long so I could tuck them in really good down the back bottom of the couch-they stay in place and made them a tight fit so they didnt wrinkle and they are perfect and believe me, I am no BIGTIME seamstress, it was ez and affordable and I wash them once a week or more and put them right back on-my couch is tan with a navy floral design so I boug
  9. Done-I was still paranoid and figured he got something out of it and I went out and found it in my mums, hidden, not to mention half my deadened mums lie in the yard now-hehehe, but I got it and threw it out, just in case-thanks so much for such quick responses-I was really scared when I heard that, but as my dau mentioned-your friends in the BC website will know the definite answer-phew!!!! I can go to bed now and sleep and if I wake up to runny poop in the kitchen tomorrow morning, so be it, I can deal with a little diahrrea, I can't deal with something being wrong with my little man though
  10. Wow-thanks so much-my dau was funny-she said, where's Cody-is he alright? And then proceeded to tell me the tale she was told-then she said, mom get on your BC website and ask your friends-they will know for sure....I won't rest till i know for sure-and I said me too, and I did....thanks so much for resting my mind-
  11. My neighbor treated Cody to a raw, meaty, venison bone today and my daughter came home and scared the dickens out of me saying her bfriend's mom told her not to let him have it as it is a cause for paralysis in dogs? Can any of you raw feeders fill me in, I am scared to go to bed without an answer frorm experiencein here, as I never heard of this. He didn't eat it all, in fact, he ate some, and buried the rest, but if I get an answer I am scared of, I'll be out back digging it up to get rid of it-please let me know ASAP on this issue....thanks so much, Kathy
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