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I have a true agility dog!

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Ziva is now Stardog's Can't Take the Sky, AD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D


This weekend was our 3rd trial (3rd and 4th days of trialling) and Z did just wonderfully.





Starters Snooker: 1st and Q, time of 42.73 and 40 points

Grand Prix: NQ - handler error (I got lost big time lol)

Starters Standard: 2nd and Q, time of 49.17, SCT of 71; we placed second to our Pairs partner by only .61s!

Starters Gamblers: 1st and Q, time of 42.57 and 49 points, 24 points required for Q



Starters Gamblers: 1st and Q, time of 43.33 and 38 points (17 points to Q)

Starters Standard: 1st and Q, time of 48.2, SCT of 71

Starters Pairs: 1st and Q, time of 25.36 and no faults with required time+faults of 76! Our team was 1st out of ALL the Starters Pairs by almost 40 seconds! :rolleyes:

Starters Jumpers: 1st and Q, time of 22.55, SCT of 33


After I shower and eat dinner, I'll be posting video for you all. :D I'm just soooooooo proud of my girl! :D

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More videos!


Sun. Gamblers (about 30 seconds is just me waiting to start, the run itself was about 45s) - it was messy but it worked. :rolleyes:



Sun. Pairs (aka Relay) - Molly ran first, we got second for a total of 20 obstacles.


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Congratulations on a wonderful trial! Miss Z kicked some serious booty! :D Great job, both of you.


Thanks for sharing the videos. I'm doing my first USDAA trial next month, so I was glad to see Snooker and Pairs. Someone told me there wasn't a baton in Pairs, but I see from your video that there is. I'm worried about dropping it! :rolleyes:

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Thanks guys! :rolleyes:


Paula - I highly suggest actually walking the Pairs course with something in your hand so you can figure out when you need to switch hands (i.e. if there's a cross) and you might want to practice with a stick in your hand during practice sessions before the trial so your dog doesn't look at you like you're insane lol. I used to carry treats in my hand when working Z, so I'm comfortable moving things from hand to hand while running and that really helped. :D


It also helps to practice the hand off in the exchange area with your partner at least once so you can make sure your dog is placed right, as are you. Z's good stay is one of the main reasons we did so well in Pairs because most teams had to keep the dog leashed until they had the baton or risk the dog starting early and thus lost a lot of time. The scoring is time plus faults, so that can be a big deal if you end up with any faults.

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