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We are looking for volunteers. We will be vaccinating our sheep, sorting lambs and hauling sheep off the mountain allotment start on the 18th of Aug. It has been a hot dry summer in the mountains and the sheep are looking for greener pastures. I am looking for anyone that would like to come out and give us a hand. The current schedule is as follows:


Aug. 18th Worm all sheep. This means we will be working all 2100 sheep through a set of yards (corrals). This will be an all day event starting at first light in the morning. This will be great dog work in close pens.


Aug. 19th. Normal day of herding sheep on open range. Would be a fun day for anyone to experience herding over 2100 sheep in a band.


Aug. 20th Sort lambs off their mothers and haul them to the grass-circle. Again, this will be a lot of pen work.


Sept. 1st Hauling the ewes off the mountains and down onto circles.


If you are interested in helping for one day or all the days, please email me: eric@harlowshillswestcoast.com or call 541 215 9109


We will provide coffee and a smile each morning and a quick lunch each afternoon.


Thank you for your help and I hope you are well.

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