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Poor puppies *rant*

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Damn those poor lil pups must of been so affraid. This has spoiled my entire day, al i can think about is those poor souls.




I have to live with these unholy bastards mucking up my town! Everyday i hate this company more and more. I hear horror story after horror story and yet this company keeps expanding. They claim to be children of Christ, they advertise it on their flashing signs. Argh! Yep they are really good people!









I think i'll start going to town meetings and next time they go to expand, i'll campain to stop it! I've watch them go from this small company to a major force of A-holes! Oh yes beware he who speak out against the almighty dollar and it's minions in Goodman M.O.

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KC is a 4'ish hour drive from Goodman. I have been thinking of putting up protest signs around town. I'd have to do it in the cover of darkness, so i didn't all of a sudden become a target. They pump alot of money into this town, most folks turn a blind eye to them. I was one of them until about 6 months ago.

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The other day I walked into a Petland in a mall, here in Oceanside. I went to the mall to find a birthday present for my friend, and saw the petstore, thought I'd stop in (hadn't been to one in a long time). I saw all the dogs there (must have been 30 or 40), and it made me ILL. Literally ill, physically. The conditions there are soooo pitiful, and the dogs are going absoultely CRAZY. Every dog there is neurotic, and it was the worst I've ever seen. I had to immediately leave, I left the mall without getting anything, and I was honestly sick to my stomach. What a horrible thing, I will NEVER go into a petstore like that again :rolleyes: . So bad :D .

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No animal, unless he or she is terrified, prefers to be in a cage."

--Veterinarian Michael Fox, August 23, 2005, The Washington Post




I HATE going into pet stores and seeing all those babies in cages.


My own two only sleep in their kennels with one exception: Traveler is terrified of my two-year-old niece, who is terrified of him. Whenever she is here, Traveler makes a beeline for his kennel and refuses to move until she leaves. He is 3X her size; go figure.

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