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DH and I had a wedding out of town this weekend and left my sister in charge of Scooter. They know each other pretty well, but we left a few written instructions anyway.


Got his "report card" this morning. :D Said he did great. Ate well. Waited politely at doors and stairs. Played with my niece and her boyfriend when they dropped in. Played Frisbee. And the biggy--there was a strange dog running loose in the yard behind us, menacing the neighbor's Labradoodle. The neighbor's dog went after it, the woman was screaming at the intruding dog to get out, and the guy had to literally tackle his dog to keep him from attacking it. This is the Labradoodle that Scooter usually will run the fence with. Quite the scene I guess. My sister said Scooter glanced briefly towards their yard, she told him, "Let's go," and he followed her into the house without any hesitation. She was so excited. She said, "I never thought I could get a dog to do anything!"


It's good to know that he will respond to a command from someone other than us, with us not present, especially in such a potentially confrontational situation. :D


Yup! He's a keeper! :rolleyes:

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Yay for Scooter! I hope you told him what a good boy he was when you got home.



I sure did! :rolleyes: Seems like since he turned 4 in December, he's really grown up. Like someone flipped a switch or something! LOL!

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