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Introducing... Greta!

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Hi everyone,


I've been an avid reader of the boards since we adopted our wonderful puppy, Greta, in February. We got her from a shelter near Sacramento-- I saw her picture on petfinder and dropped everything and drove 2 hours to go get her right away! We had been looking for a border collie/ bc mix since we lost our beloved 16 year old bc mix, Celeste, in January. At first I thought I should wait a little longer before getting another dog because I was very attached to Celeste- I got her in my early 20's when I moved into my 1st apartment and she moved all over the country with me. However, after a few lonely, dogless weeks, I decided that I needed a new furry friend in my life ASAP. We got Greta at 8 weeks and she is now about 6 months. The shelter listed her as a "border collie mix" , and we think that she is probably bc/cattle dog. She seems to have very strong herding instincts; much more so than my previous dog, although we live in an urban area so those instincts are not being directed at sheep. Of course, she is also quite the prodigy and seems to learn new things with very little repetition. She was featured on "The Daily Puppy" in March- here's the link to her page-- but her fame doesn't seem to have gone to her head!



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Really sweet! But you should have put her in the photo gallery so I wouldn't see her! I try to stay away from that forum...too tempting! LOL! :rolleyes: Welcome!!!!



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