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Pete's and Shelb's First swim and almost deadly hike :(

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That about explains how I feel!!!!

I have swimmer dogs!!!



we went down to the overflowed creek and shelby just jumped right in!! of course then looked at me like "WHY mommy WHY?" and proceeded to act like she was drowning :rolleyes: and she rushed back to shore. then Pete jumped in after a stick. and I LOVED IT THeY LOVED IT yay!!


on another note.. I may be exgerating a Lil on the deadly part... but He could have!! and O boy if he did!!!

we went on our first hike today up on Mt hood! they did great, stopped and waited for me when they got to far ahead! Pete is now obsessed with the water! and sticks, which brings us to the IDOIT!! who threw the stick onto the Semi Frozen water... even after i said not too! so Pete being the good boy he is Ran after it, and the Ice gave into his weight. he managed to get out ok, but BOY AM I PISSED! what idiot can't figure out that a dog who loves sticks will chase a stick thrown to NOT THROW IT IN THE FREEZING WATER!!!!!


I feel better now and they are lying at my feet stinking up the room with cow hooves!

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I'm glad everyone is ok! That's cool that they love the water! We live right by the river but Black Jack hasn't seen it yet


I'm just starting to let him off the leash.

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Pete did very well getting out if the icy water, he looked like he was pretending to be a dolphin :D but it scard me SO much to see him fall into the ice. and BOY did someone get yelled at for their brief act of stupidness!

Just you wait till black jack starts swimming!! its the greatest!

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I have a nephew who can be listed right there along with your idiot. We had a hard storm some years ago when Allie was still with us. She was obsessed with the river and with sticks. The river was swollen and the current was moving really fast. I told him not to throw any sticks into the river because I was worried about the current, but like your idiot he chose not to listen to me. Luckily she figured out pretty quickly that it was dangerous and turned around before she hit the current. I wanted to strangle him!

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You're fortunate that he did manage to get out. I have friends who live on a lake. Their Bernese Mountain dog was always free to roam around. One day, he wandered out on the ice. By the time they realized he wasn't around he had gone through the ice. The dog couldn't get out because he was too heavy and the ice kept breaking. They found the hole in the ice, but didn't find the dog's body until spring. It was horrible.

This year, it's really bad since we've had some cold weather so there is a little ice, but no where near enough to support even a small dog.

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