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Warning On Commercial Flea and Tick Medications

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If you do not obtain your flea and tick medications from a vet, you may want to check this out: Commercial Medications

I've heard that before. I have also read that Frontline - which I get from my Vet - is a good product. And it is safe.


I have also read that it is not a good idea to buy pet medications online. Some of them are temperature sensitive and if they are not shipped correctly the heat or cold can affect them.

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First off, here is the link to the EPA advisory, a better source of information than the secondary link Bustopher posted.


If you read the advisory, you will learn that this particular warning has nothing to do with where you bought the product, whether it was at a vet or online or wherever. The warning is about the class of flea and tick control products called "spot on". From the news release: Spot-on products are generally sold in tubes or vials and are applied to one or more localized areas on the body of the pet, such as in between the shoulders or in a stripe along the back.


Also, the EPA advisory has a list of the products they are concerned about. Frontline Plus for Dogs, and Frontline Plus for Cats, are two of the seven items on it.


Thanks for posting this Bustopher. This is not just some well-circulated internet rumor - it's new information.

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