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UTI or something else???


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Last week Poke had two accidents in his crate. He also went back to shaking like a leaf those days before he was crated. We thought that maybe he was upset that Abby was gone. Yesterday he had some sort of accident in the car on the way to test him out on the goats. There was no pee noise, but just pee smell and wetness. Could he be leaking urine? He is terrified of the car so we thought maybe it was just that he was upset. Today he has been eating grass and throwing it back up, he doesn't really want to be touched and seems on edge. I think I just found a little spot where he may have had a small leak accident. I don't know if something may be wrong, or if he is just sore from yesterday and cranky. I have not seem him have an accident in the house, so for all I know it was Trip. (Ceana has a bladder of steal so it would not be her) Do these symptoms even go together? We are going to call the vet tomorrow, but of course it is Sunday and they are not open. Any thoughts? Can I get him cranberry pills just in case?

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It could be a UTI, see what your vet says. How's his appetite and general energy level? I wouldn't give any cranberry pills till you check with the vet. If the vet wants a urine specimen, you want to see exactly what's going on with Poke without any intervention.


Is he sore anywhere else, and can you take his temperature? Poor guy, I hope he feels better.



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