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Our last agility class

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We finished our last "intro" agility class (they start out with foundations, obstacles I and then obstacles II) The next step would be in the sequencing class. but we are going to take a break to work on her noise sensitivity to the teeter.


I just wanted to say a big thanks to everyone for the wonderful responses to my post about Skye noise sensitivity to the teeter at my training facility.....I am hoping we have figured out a way to get her over her fear.


The first thing I did was video tape my trainer going over the teeter with her dog. I burned it to a DVD and played it at my house, first quietly and then kept turning it up as it didn't seem to phase Skye at all, not even one little bit. I had it super loud and she was playing tug, taking treats, doing tricks and it was just like background noise to her.


So I now know I need to desensitize her to the teeter at my building in the building.


The place I train at has memberships where you can go practice 24/7 (except when they are doing classes). It seems there is usually no one there practicing in the morning, since I pretty much make my own hours I can go when there is no one else there.

We are just go to play and have fun and not even touch the teeter the first week.


Last night at our class no one was there using the teeter, so she did FANTASTIC, she started out not so sure, but once she realized there would be no loud scary noises she was sooo happy, we did some short sequencing with tunnel and a few jumps practicing front crosses. She LOVED it...


After she realizes she doesn't have to be afraid of the building and enjoys being there, then we are going to work on the teeter with just her, (probably play the bang it game) then when she is fine with that, I am going to put pillows under the teeter board (where it hits) to mute the sound and get her going over it that way, then we will slowly remove the pillows to something less cushy, maybe towels or something like that....always going slow and following her cues that she is okay with it.


If she gets over the teeter noise (and I really think she will since she isn't noise sensitive with anything else) then we will see how she does if another dog goes over the teeter and makes noise, once she is okay with that, I am going to start sitting in on some classes to get her used to that noise. Always taking it slow and back tracking if I think she is getting stressed again.


If she is fine with all of that then we will go back to group classes.....if not then maybe we will have to look at private lesson.


Anyway, just thought I would update and say thanks for all the suggestions.

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Good luck! I'm having the same issue with Grady. My trainer also suggested taping the teeter noice and playing it at the house. It's good to know it's working for your dog. We have hope....LOL! What did you record the sound with?


Our other problem is self control. Grady loses all self control if more than 3 obsticals are done in a sequence :rolleyes: He gets very over stimulated right now and I'll be keeping him to a max of 3 obsticals in a row until his handling gets better.


EDIT: never mind, I reread the post and saw you video taped it for the sound. I think I'll do the same thing.

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Here's a suggestion for both of you - hope it helps.

Teach your dog "bang it!" You can start with anything that makes a noise when the dog hits it with her paws - a cookie sheet on a brick, etc. If you clicker-train (c/t = click/treat), this is much easier! Eventually, increase the noise and movement. Then go near a teeter. DO NOT put the dog ON the teeter. When the dog goes anywhere near it, c/t. You may have to lure just a bit to get her near it, if she's really really freaked by it. You could even put the treat ON the teeter - near the ground. Eventually, she should want to be near it, then touch it. Eventually eventually eventually (I'm drastically abbreviating here - it could take weeks to get to this point), dog should be able to go to teeter, put paws on the UP side, and pull the board to the ground. Anytime there's increased movement or noise, have a major party - and stop for that session. And no, for those thinking about it - this will not impact the dog's performance on the teeter later on. It just gets them to WANT the noise and movement - and it's entirely under their control in this way.



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