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what is the trick called and how do i get it to get the dog to jump in my arms i see soo much of this being done with border collies but cannot figure out on my own how i can get wiskey trained to do this.


i know right now she is young but would love to know how so when she is bigger i can get her doing it.




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Use your knees as a "launch pad" until she's strong enough to jump straight into your arms. I would lean against a wall at this stage so the dog can't knock you over. The squating down also gives her the idea that you want her to jump onto you. As she gets stronger, gradually stand up taller. I tried teaching Lucia this and she's got it pretty quick, but then she got to big to catch :rolleyes: 45lb was too much to catch from a full ground launch :D


Be carefull teach this to a puppy that's not fully grown, You don't want to hurt them if they fall or miss the target. This can also be a bad trick if they get too big (see above :D )

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oh no i don't plan on starting this until she is bigger and stronger i plan on tlaking to vet before hand and find out what he thinks just kinda wanted to learn how to do it so i know when the time comes. thanks for the great advice though i will try that ebcause she does love trying to climb up me when i am squatting down for her so that is a good idea.

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