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  1. oh no i don't plan on starting this until she is bigger and stronger i plan on tlaking to vet before hand and find out what he thinks just kinda wanted to learn how to do it so i know when the time comes. thanks for the great advice though i will try that ebcause she does love trying to climb up me when i am squatting down for her so that is a good idea.
  2. what is the trick called and how do i get it to get the dog to jump in my arms i see soo much of this being done with border collies but cannot figure out on my own how i can get wiskey trained to do this. i know right now she is young but would love to know how so when she is bigger i can get her doing it. thanks sherri
  3. my wiskey is only 15 weeks old and we are also hit or miss with our recalls, she will generally always start coming but how far can be debatable at times. what i do that works like a charm is i squat down and throw my arms out like i was going to get a big hug and say come and wiskey always comes to this it is very inviting for her and i praise her like crazy once she gets to me. once she sees me squat there is generally no hesitation because i am at her level for kisses and good pettings. i would recommend this. i bet it would work. this is how i taught wiskey to come to me when i first started training her and sometimes she just needs the reminding by me squatting still. i do think you are expecting a bit too much from her to come at 7 weeks old everytime, but she will come alot more by doing this i promise ps i expected alot off wiskey too when we first got her and pushed her too much too soon but i found with this technique she was always happy to come to me.
  4. i was just wondering if this is accurate information as i am getting my new border collie puppy wiskey tomorrow. Never fear we have done lots and i mean lots of research my husband is sick of me saying hey babe caus ehe knows it is something about border collies lol. I do want to teach her that'll do for come we are teaching her many things as my hubby and i are knowledgable in training, but i have read this article about training border collie puppies before they go to a trainer and was wodnering if this technique actually works. as well i was wondeirng best way to teach the down we know how to teach down but how do we teach down to a puppy who is in process of chasing something? does it just happen because they know down already? this is the advice of that'll do that i have read when walking puppy and when puppy catches up to you that'll do when teaching come say that'll do as well once taugh down do not say stay just say that'll do when you are allowing puppy to move from laying down and come to you. i abreviated it a little but that is basically it. oh it also said when the puppy gives you eye contact say that'll do than it will associate you /me with that'll do. any other advice on border collies that you feel liek shareing will be great. Oh yes how can i also prevent the herding of my children and nipping of ankles i read that these dogs are known for this. Should i just say that'll do to get her to come to me to stop it or is there a certain training? my daughter is 2 my son is an infant. i am not really concerned we will have an issue but if we do i would like to be prepared. (Wiskey is going to eventually be working on the farm my hubby works on we don't need ehr for work but eventually he will be taking her with him to stimulate her and give her a purpose so we are trying to train her the basics to prepare her, his uncle is ging to work with her once she is out there he has 4 border collies that are for work we are loaning ours lol)
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