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I wanted to say think you to everyone on here. I haven't been back in about 6 weeks or so...I came on NEEDING a BC to help around the farm....and then I found one....was totally blessed with a boy that needed a home...he was 2 1/2 years old...but inexperienced....


then I asked for training help, had exposure, but no working commands...Someone sent me to Kevin Taylor and told me about the Hill Shepherd....SO THANK YOU! WE have been to him once (due to holidays and cold), and are going back...


Fender, our new BC, came in on December 7th...WE have had him only 7 short weeks or so...and I don't know what i would do without him...He is SO smart, and so much a part of our lives....so loving...DH has always said, no dog on the bed, so I have matts for the house dog....and blankets, and they are happy....but, who do you think sleeps on the bed and wakes DH every morning by shoving his nose under his head and off the pillow....sliding under the covers...


He came to us, unsure....as I know this was a HUGE change....he had been with his family, who had to move 4 different times I think, in the last 6-12 months, and the wife ended up having a high risk pregnancy, which in addition to the moves, was the catalyst of why she needed him a home....so his life had been in turmoil; but he had always been with the same family...and now he was somewhere new...with people who;, he had no idea who we were......So we were patient, and waited....Then, after love and patience, he started to bloom....


So, I wanted to share, his journey and ours and say thank you to this board, you have helped more than you know!



This was him when he first came, the first night, when we came in, he just climbed on my husband's lap....everything made him nervous..



Then as he went, he became more relaxed...



and even more, now here - this is DH's pillows!



He is becoming an awesome working dog, with training on going....standing down and moving the goats as we needed him to...





So I am blessed and happy to say...He is happy with us! At least I THINK he is!



So THANK YOU THANK YOU ALL!!! For all your help in bringing this boy to this point in our lives!

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So I am blessed and happy to say...He is happy with us! At least I THINK he is!

I'm no dog mind-reader; no Beatrice Lydecker; but from those photos I would say he's very happy with you! Thanks for sharing a "happily ever after" story - everyone needs to hear one of those every now and then. :rolleyes:

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Thanks for that wonderful update! I read all the way through it with a huge smile on my face, and that smile just got bigger when I saw the photos of Fender and how happy he is with you. Sounds like your relationship is off to an awesome start and will only get better with more time and more training--congratulations!

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I love a success story, and am very gratified to read yours!


It makes me think a bit about our Bute, who would have nothing to do with Ed (he of "no dogs in the bed" fame) when he first came. It took the right moment for them to bond and now we definitely have "dogs in the bed" (but not on the pillows). But more importantly than that, we have happy dogs with jobs to do that help us out on the farm and the two of us who enjoy working them.

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I'm so glad to hear how well things have worked out for you all! I sure don't know what I would have done without this board either.

especially in the beginning! :rolleyes:


Though I am guilty of lurking lately and not posting, I have learned and continue to learn so much from this board and all these wonderful people! :D

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