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Raw food diet question

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I've heard a lot of you here feed raw and was wondering exactly what that entails?


There is no one way to raw feed. This can make it tough to get started - I know it was for me. I got a book called "Raw Dog Food" by Carina Beth MacDonald and that one tiny book made it possible for me to start.


Some people feed according to a model called "Whole Prey" and some according to a model called "Biologically Appropriate Raw Food". One model includes veggies and supplements along with meat and bones, the other only meat and bones. And then many of us, including myself, do what works for us and don't follow a particular model.


What are the benefits/downfalls?


This is just my "take", of course!




The dogs LOVE it!

I enjoy watching the dogs love their meals.

Really clean teeth

Noticeable health benefits (I'm NOT saying that dogs on kibble are less healthy - just that I have observed noticeable health benefits in MY dogs who eat raw)

Less preservatives and processed foods. Yes, human meats are not free of preservatives and chemicals, but it's still much less than what is in any kind of processed dog food.

More variety for the dogs, and much greater toleration of variety by the dogs over time on a raw diet

No grains (Again, I'm NOT saying that grains are the devil. It is my personal preference not to feed them)




Prep time


Less convenient

Can be more expensive, depending on whether or not you are good at searching out good deals

More time scrubbing food prep areas

Can be tough to find reasonably priced meat that isn't only chicken


I thoroughly enjoy raw feeding my dogs. I find the downfalls to be minor in comparison to the benefits. Again, I'm not saying that everyone should raw feed. It suits me and this has been my experience.


And how much more expensive is it than regular food?


This depends on what you consider "regular food" and what you can find locally in your area.

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