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The results of Sugars genetic testing

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level 3 testing Results show Aussie


Level 3 Border collie


level 3 Siberian Husky this one was a surprise but, I have seen some pics of them that remind me of sugar. Plus this is a common mix where she is from for some reason


level 4 German short hair pointer. This one is a bit strange but, people have speculated that Genie has a hunting dog back round.


All in all I would think that bio pet does a pretty accurate job. This is my second totally believable result. I spoke with the company rep too and she said most of the whacky results come from dogs not gathered yet.


Most people tried to convince me she was a golden retriever mix (including one of my vets) so that's ruled out.


Edited to add that I had to fix her eyes since she has red dog eyes. I'm not sure I like it but, it was the best I could do. :rolleyes:



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I'd love to get that done on Sammie. It's not that I need to know what his breed ancestry is, but he is such an interesting dog and I'd just love to know if any of the breeds I suspect are in him really are.


I'm glad you got a believable result!!

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What does that mean..."not gathered yet"?

Heck, I would've said "Golden mix" also. Interesting.



Well but, Genie looks like a border collie mix or a black and white aussie she only has 3/4th tail. 3 of the 5 pups have no tails. So aussie was a given. 4 were all shades of Red. only 1 black with very little white.


The download is a pic of her brother who lives in the budhist sanctuary. Beautiful pic. They tell me that off is tiny tail is a huge wisp of white hair to his hocks.


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"Not gathered yet" means they do not have a large enough sample of that breed to ascertain what the common markers for that breed are. So, if your dog is largely one of those breeds, the test will not identify that and will go with the next closest thing, which may turn out wacky.

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