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Rest In Peace Shado


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Well Shado wasn't a border collie or border collie mix. He was pb Australian Shepherd, but I feel people should know about my boy.


I got Shado from a breeder named Rising Stars Aussie. He was the son of champions dogs Serena and Catch me if you can. A few of his siblings are actually earning titles. Well anyways I got him from Linda and Sarah Bowdish, at least i think that is there last names. Well, i contacted them and asked them a series of questions and arranged to have him delivered near where I live. I asked if he was agressive they responded no.


I bought him for 600 $ from I got him on June 3rd 2007, he was fine when I got him. So, I brought him to the vets were he told me my baby was very nuerotic, which I never saw until the a week before the day he bit my Aunt. That week before he attacked other dog he had been friendly toward during multiple play dates.


When he bit my aunt, It was not a love bite he went for her kneck, throat and face. He was not provoked in any way. I believe Shado was just wired wrong and I did not want to endanger small children and other people who lived in park, I live in. So I contacted the breeder and she refused to take him back, I was told he was not an agressive dog what so ever, so maybe she had never seen it but I sure did after he got comfortable with his sorroundings, the breeder told me to put him down so I did.


He was put down a month after I got him but I was still very attached. The breeder sent my money back and promised me a "good one". I never heard from them again. She use to have on her page and now he is gone, get to know a breeder before you get a dog from them.






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I am very sorry you had such a bad experience with your dog. One problem with the internet is that breeders (and other marketers) can promote themselves and sell a "product" without your ever having good, knowledgeable contact with them.


I am sorry for you and sorry for Shado.

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