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  1. Hey guys, Well I've been kind of bored lately so I am offering any one who wants a memorial picture can have one, usually I charge a few dollars If i have to print it and such, but since Im bored, I won't charge anything, considering alot of people can make manips lol. If you want to donate you can but if not there completely free. I can ever print them on photo paper and mail them. You can have anything you want on it, the person or animal can still be alive, or it can be a banner, it doesnt matter! The form is Name: Poem/Slogan: Pictures: Description of back ground you want or background you want: Color Scheme: Fonts you want use:
  2. Cooper's 1 1/2 half in march. He does listen whe n I tell him but when ever I move it more than a couple inches he gets back up. We love his crate open all the time along with Sophias. Thanks for the suggestions i'll try some out,
  3. Cooper doesn't seem to like the vacuam, he barks and tries to bite it. COuld that be a herding problem or behavoiral, I think it is behavioral, how do i stop it? He does have a crate when i tell him to go to bed he acts likes he's done something wrong and sulks in it. I want him to see it as a good place not a naughty one.
  4. Alright guys, I Hate to butt in but if BCS wants to let his dog run around with rabbits let him, if Sam kills them its not your faults it's his. I know you guys are just giving advice because you know dogs are predators but aparently it's not working back off. There is no need to fight about it. There HIS animals not yours.
  5. Maybe he has a uti or something wrong with his thyroid my dog did and she lived a healthy life with inexpensive pills, we had to put her down last year.
  6. Alright thanks. I called the vet they told me to get Sophia down 90 lbs and feed Cooper something better. I always thought beneful was a good food though.
  7. Cpe accepts mixes and such but I tihnk your dog has to be spayed look up canine performance events.
  8. Hey Guys! Im doing good, Cooper and Sophia are starting to worry me. Cooper is a pb Border Collie, Sophia on the other hand is a Saint Bernard Boxer mix. Cooper has been itching everywhere later. His old owners told me he had a hot spot problem, so we bathed him, he has no hot spots as of now. But, he keeps itching everywhere, he does not have fleas for furtther information. His skin is a bit flaky but not horrible, his hair is thinning out where he bites at constantly. Also the owner said they shaved him when they got him when was 8 months, so his under coat was shaved as well, he's 1 1/2 almost now and his coat is thin, will it ever grow back and I need suggestions on his biting/itching problem. He's about 35 lbs I believe. Now I know Sophia is not a border collie but I need help with her to. I've noticed her limping on her back legs after being outside and getting up out of her crate, she has the largest crate available as she is a big girl about 115 lbs, she is the size of a boxer and has the face of one but the colors and markings of a saint, she is very stocky. Her hips do not seem to be bother her at all. She's 19 months old, just a few months older than Cooper. Her eye is also very red, can dogs get pink eye. It might be playing rough with Cooper but it doesn't seem to be improving. Maybe it's cherry eye, but she has no masses in her eye. These dogs play exetremely rough and when I tell them to stop Cooper does but Sophia doesn't listen. Cooper also had an eye injury under his eye but it's healed up. Any suggestions on how to stop them playing so hard, they constantly make each yelp but continue to do it. I've enclosed some picture of them. I've tried training Sophia to stop but she's stubborn and can bully and literally push me out of the way as I am very small. We can not go t oa dog trainer as Sophia is exetremely agressive to people she does not know, Pleasse help.
  9. Cataracs can cause bluish tint.
  10. Hello, sorry i replied yesterday but it did not go threw. Cooper almost knows stand and now we are working on back up. For his name I want flash and coupe deville, sugggestions?
  11. Alright So I am trying to get Cooper his Ilp from akc, as eventually I do want to compete with him in something. I got a side stack, is it good enough to send to them. Also I wanted to know if you guys could help me come up with his registration name! Picture time. YAY. I had yo throw my son's pic in there too sorry.... so cute! He has baby food on his face! sweet potatoes! His name is Landon and he's 4 and 1/2 months old.
  12. Cooper already listen to everything i say, but yah i did plan on getting to know him first, he plays tug with me and my other dog and also retrieves and brings it back , he knows drop it. If I tell him down or sit he stops what he is doing right away and does what i ask, he doesnt even need to be ona leash, coems right back but of coursei wtach him like a hawk
  13. Hey, yes she is saint mixed with boxer. They were playing tug a little bit ago.
  14. Well Shado wasn't a border collie or border collie mix. He was pb Australian Shepherd, but I feel people should know about my boy. I got Shado from a breeder named Rising Stars Aussie. He was the son of champions dogs Serena and Catch me if you can. A few of his siblings are actually earning titles. Well anyways I got him from Linda and Sarah Bowdish, at least i think that is there last names. Well, i contacted them and asked them a series of questions and arranged to have him delivered near where I live. I asked if he was agressive they responded no. I bought him for 600 $ from I got him on June 3rd 2007, he was fine when I got him. So, I brought him to the vets were he told me my baby was very nuerotic, which I never saw until the a week before the day he bit my Aunt. That week before he attacked other dog he had been friendly toward during multiple play dates. When he bit my aunt, It was not a love bite he went for her kneck, throat and face. He was not provoked in any way. I believe Shado was just wired wrong and I did not want to endanger small children and other people who lived in park, I live in. So I contacted the breeder and she refused to take him back, I was told he was not an agressive dog what so ever, so maybe she had never seen it but I sure did after he got comfortable with his sorroundings, the breeder told me to put him down so I did. He was put down a month after I got him but I was still very attached. The breeder sent my money back and promised me a "good one". I never heard from them again. She use to have on her page and now he is gone, get to know a breeder before you get a dog from them.
  15. ALright, I do want to compete I live in plattsburgh ny, the nearest trainier is in vt I can't travel as I have a young baby as I said, any other suggestions ( ialso dont have credit card to buy the dvd)
  16. Hello, As many of you know I got a border collie named Cooper a few days ago, I want to start him on agility come spring (march-april-ish). I don't have enough money to bring him to agility classes just yet. I will have the money in summerish, we have a young baby so it's oretty tight but we do have enough money to take care of dogs. No flamming please. I need a to find out how ot start off and if anyone knows any good ideas for home made equiptment post it here, also same with training information. I have a prettybig yarrd and a lot of time for Cooper so, i want to get the bc mind of his going soon.
  17. I have him playing with my other dog, doesn't he look happy? lol Not really, he's like woah this is one big girl! Here both of them are relaxing!
  18. ty everyone btw he is doing good, he does have some good insticts i plan on training him in agility flyball obedience n herding once hes settled to run out sum of his nergy. He loves my other dog, but shesb eing a bit of a bully
  19. Thanks. He's very timid though. Any suggestions on making him more confident?
  20. They were living in a small apartment and thought it would be best he go to a more active home.
  21. Hello Guys, I am new here, I just got a border collie from a friend and I have been told so many different colors, what is his colors? I inclosed some picture, his name is Cooper. Thanks!
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