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It was bloody well cold in the UNheated arena this morning but it didint slow us down Whim rose to the challenge and exceeded my hopes in his debut as an agility partner. Nadac is great for bringing out a green baby dog, I had him entered in Touch and Go and Tunnelers 2 runs each today and boy did it feel good after 2 years of not handling a dog at a trial! Despite being very very up he never even considered breaking his stay as I lead out about twenty feet ahead of him, he listened well to mom hit his contacts in his first Touch and Go run and managed to Q and place 2nd behind his "big sister" Meg and my Daughter ( who also had a smoking Day 3/4 w/3 1st and Q's). The second Touch and Go round was not as smooth as Whim was so high that he just couldnt bring himself to stop and do his 2o2o on the Aframe so we excused ourselves. Tunnelers was a great flowing novice course that we ran very nicely allowing for some good lateral distance and listening to our directionals ending up again behind Meg with and 2nd and Q, we would have had a 3rd Q in our final run of the day but mom forgot where she was going and we went off course.. oh well live learn go to another trial....NEXT MONTH...USDAA

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Congrats, Pat!!


Tunnelers and Touch and Go are so perfect for a newer dog. That's what Dean and I did a few weeks ago and what we will be doing in two weeks!


Sounds like you guys had a really good first time out!

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