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Desperately need relief for itchy skin!

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On Monday I took Aveda to the vet because her skin has been driving her crazy. She obsessively bites at her rump and the base of her tail, so the vet diagnosed her with a flea allergy. She got a pill to kill all the fleas, and now is on monthly preventative (Advantage Multi) and I treated my other dog and the carpet for fleas. I'm assuming for now that it's a flea allergy until I have reason to believe otherwise, so that's what I'm treating. The fleas are gone, but her skin is infected and still very itchy. She's on an antibiotic, but I really hate that she still has gotten no relief! I'm also very concerned since she got spayed on Wednesday that she is going to scratch open her stitches. She is actually able to get her back leg up there and has already scratched it red. She's wearing a cone collar so she doesn't chew it, and now I'm wrapping a t-shirt around her midsection so she can't get to the stitches. I have a good oatmeal shampoo, but can't bathe her for a few days because of her surgery. She's been eating Chicken Soup the past 3 weeks (before that was shelter food) plus vitamin c for kennel cough and fish oil for her skin. Does anybody have a good remedy that would provide immediate relief until the infection is gone and the incision is healed? Aloe vera? Tea tree oil? I'm desperate! She is so miserable!

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Poor girl! :rolleyes:


Our vet recommended Burrow's solution for Ody's itchy skin. I'd never heard of it before, but evidently it gives relief to all kinds of skin irritations. We found it at Rite-Aid (after asking a pharmacist) in this packaging: Domeboro packets. The site also has a FAQ you might find helpful if, like me, you're unfamiliar with the product. One of the nice features of the packets is that you can mix the solution to the strength you prefer. We used compresses at the weakest concentration, and it gave Ody some relief.


Hope you find something that works for Aveda.

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My last dog had horrible flea allergies the first two summers we had her. Chewing, hot spots, misery. Both times, the vet put her on prednisone. (This was before the flea preventive meds were available.) The second round, my mother the RN saw side effects in the dog that she thought would actually kill her. (I was a teenager and don't remember the details.) She tapered her off the prednisone, and we didn't use it again - I think Frontline came out shortly afterwards. I myself would be reluctant to use prednisone except as a last resort.


But... it DID immediately stop the itching and provide relief. And I know that my sister had to get prednisone for extremely bad poison ivy last summer. She was in agony until then.


Good luck. It's terrible when they're that uncomfortable.



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