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Happy Gotcha Day Jedi!

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Happy Gotcha Day to my little Jedi man!


I've had you for a year now and you've taught me so much. I remember when I first saw you sitting in that cold gray stall at the shelter...so very frail and sad. You wouldn't make eye contact...you did nothing to draw me to you, but somehow I felt drawn anyway. I knew nothing about border collies, but that was soon to change. I even tried to change your name but the kids would not agree. I wonder if they knew something I didn't...that you would slowly grow into earning your warrior name. You were so very weird in those early months but when your eyes met mine, I understood.


Now one year and lots of work later you've grown into a handsome guy who's ready to take on the world and you've changed my life in the process. I now know what it feels like to be stepped on by a sheep....how to play hours of ball...and what it is like to have a dog look at you and you can almost seem to communicate together with a look. Priceless... :rolleyes:



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Happy Gotcha Day to both of you, Georgia and Jedi!


I got to meet this handsome boy, and I think the first thing I said was "someone dumped *this* dog at the SPCA?". Of course I feel that way about all of 'em, but still, Jedi is a gorgeous border collie specimen. :rolleyes:


Anyway, here's to many more!

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