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UPDATE- Dixie's walking on a leash....

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I just wanted to post and update on Dixie's walking on a leash. I opted for a regular harness ( she has never worn one ) and our first session went surprisingly well.


I chose the ..."if she pulls I stop"....method and said "here" after I stopped and she came right to my right side and sat down...YEA!!!


She still darts out to "investigate" but I think for our first run she did AWESOME!!!


We will go out again this afternoon and I will post another update;)


Thanks to all of you that gave me advice in my other post!!! It is working already:)




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WOW Congrats! Troy was a horrible puller as a pup and sometimes even now. If I am going thru an exciting thing normally such as an agility competition I wrap the leash around his belly to help alleviate the hard pulling so far it works... My main leash is the loop leash also known as an agility leash so there is no snap or buckle or anything to hook a collar/harness too.

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