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Angel is debuting in Splash Dogs this weekend

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We are so excited. This weekend in San Mateo,ca there is a International Sportsman Expo, and there is a Splash Dogs competitiion. Angel, my husband and I will be going. He can't wait to jump her. I will photos while we are there and post them when we get back. I hope she does well.

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Can't wait to see Miss Angel jump for her first time. You guys have done really well building her up for it. I know she'll do great! Just think just a little less than a year ago, you guys were chasing this little puppy w/a broken hip through the Walmart parking lot...she's come a long way! :rolleyes:


Unfortunately, only Sniper in our group will be there and he won't be jumping, anytime soon. Gunner and Twizzy both don't enjoy the colder temps - though I see its supposed to be pretty nice this weekend - I'll see how the temps are and see if maybe one of them wants to come out and play...lol....

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