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BCs in the UK: Some Questions

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If you're a BC owner living in the UK, I would appreciate hearing from you. I will likely move--for about a year-- with my 5 year old BC to Devon in summer 2010. She's a rescue dog with some issues. I'll need to find a regular dog walker and sitter for when I'm out of town (really prefer not to kennel her as she is a soft dog & sometimes reactive). Will this be easy to do?


Also, she is on flouxetine (generic prozac). Do vets in the UK routinely prescribe this for reactive dogs? It's been a great help.


Finally, if anyone has transported their dog(s) from the US to England, any tips? We will likely fly Cleveland to Heathrow & rent a car there.

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Hi there

I love Devon but as I am up in Scotland I am a bit far for you

Prob best if you join a UK forum, something like Dogsey has lots of people in the UK and you might find more local people


There are pet walking and pet sitting companies all over the UK, best to just google a local one for your area and I am sure once you are here you will make friends with lots of dog walkers


I have no idea about what vets give to dogs for reactivity, I am trying to deal with that issue with training so havent asked the vet

But I am sure you could get what you needed here - or if your regular vet could give you a prescription then you could get it online


Good to hear you are getting ready in plenty of time, I am sure everything will fall into place once you get over here - theres lots of doggy people here and collies everywhere, Devon is a great place for walks and things too

Where abouts are you moving to??

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