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  1. I know this is an older thread but hoping for some feedback on longevity. My BC is 13 1/2, was diagnosed as in kidney failure a year ago, and has been on a diet to address that ever since (mostly homemade food). According to the vet, she shouldn't have lasted past August (2 months ago), yet seems to me to be going strong, maybe peeing a little more frequently, some mild arthritis and is mostly deaf. When she was diagnosed, the vet gave her a year (which would have been August). Her labwork improved a few months after going on the low-protein diet; again the vet said 'about a year' (which
  2. My dog is from East Tennessee BCR. They are great folks to work with.
  3. Edit: Of course, as soon as I reached my nth degree of frustration and posted this, someone I spoke with said, 'Oh you should call X.' I did and am reassured. Happy to talk anyone else through this process though, should the need arise (or virtual handholding if you need it while in transit). Hello All: Last summer some of you gave me great advice about shipping my collie with me to the UK for the year. Now we plan to return to the US this summer & I find myself running into the same confusing & contradictory information from the airlines and from the 2 shipping services wit
  4. What about a social networking campaign to spread the word about this kennel? I'm always amazed how fast word can be spread via facebook or twitter. I wonder if it might also be a good idea to send a copy of your letter to area vets. They may know about this kennel, but it just seems that given there's no regulatory agency with any power (or interest) in dealing with them, getting them to show up on the radar as a problem in as many venues as possible. And area media. And remember, too, that even if nothing happens in the short term as a result of all this, another complaint in the fut
  5. I take issue with many of the ways PETA goes about its business, but this doesn't make any sense. It's contrary to PETA's modus operandi and philosophy. It seems to me it's more in keeping with the way bureaucracies work. Err on the side of caution. Over err, if the only likely victims are the powerless, in this case, dogs.
  6. Good luck with both these beautiful puppies, Olivia. My own dog came from East Tennesee BC Rescue--y'all do great work.
  7. Thanks, Mum24 & Samantha -- I'll check both of these out.
  8. My dog came from the East Tennessee BC rescue (mentioned above). She's a great dog, and they're a great rescue.
  9. Hello All, My BC & I have just moved to the UK (southwest) for a year. Could anyone help me sort out dog food? I usually feed mostly kibble, with a little wet (canned) mixed in in the evening. Durga is a rescue dog, and I try to feed her very high quality food. She was getting a salmon sweet potato food in the US but I haven't found anything like that here. Any recommendations for food would be appreciated. Also, in the US I buy these little treats made of turkey or duck, shaped like a little cup into which you can put a pill or capsule. I can't find anything like that here.
  10. Tellington Touch had an extraordinary effect on my dog, when I first rescued her. She was very fearful, sat rigidly (when she wasn't hiding under something), never relaxed. On day 4 or 5 I was browsing the library for dog books & saw the TT video. I brought it home, watched it (D & I were sitting on the floor in front of the TV) and began doing it. She uncoiled. I think that's the best way to describe it. By the time I was finished she was on her back. The next morning when I came downstairs to get her out of her crate, she wagged her tail at me for the first time. I can't recommend
  11. "It sounds now like people are arguing that the dogs are really happier when they are in pet homes. So it probably would be better for them not to work at all." I don't hear anybody saying that, either. It sounds to me as if you want to hear that people are arguing for this, because it's an easier argument to have. In fact, I think people seem to be saying to you that this is way too complicated a question to reduce to any easy yes/no argument. Strange, too, that your starting point seems to be that dogs on farms never have problems. Really?
  12. I adopted a border collie because I had met a few when I lived in England & liked them (these were house dogs). When I returned to the states & was ready to adopt a dog, I heard that border collies ended up in rescues, shelters, etc., in very high numbers. So 'rescuing' one seemed an appropriate (& responsible) thing to do. You are strangely nostalgic, Tommy Coyote, for a past that likely didn't really exist the way you've imagined it. As others have mentioned, environments & the animals who are part of those environments (human and non-human) change according to the cir
  13. My guess is that Katz's advance on his latest book was (at least) in the mid tens of 1000s, so why he couldn't spend some of that figuring out what might have been a curable medical issue baffles me.
  14. Yes, I've seen this, too. Recently with a pup (perhaps 4 months) who was besieged by other dogs, not unfriendly, just very aggressive play. The pup had its tail tucked and was yelping! One of the owners of the other dogs went to leash them, apologized and THE OWNER SAID: Oh, that's okay. He does that to the cats, so it's good for him. And another instance in which a young dog/ pup was being run over by a group of larger, play-aggressive dogs and kept coming to the owner and trying to hide between his legs and the owner said: It's good for him. He needs to be socialized.
  15. There's a guy who brings his two young german shepherds to the park here & "controls" them by letting them trail their leashes. Once I picked up a stick to throw to Durga (we were perhaps 20 yards away) and one of them jumped up on me after the stick, almost knocking me down. I very nicely called out: Could you call off your dog? He laughed and said: You can't wave a stick around in front of dogs! and then went back to what he usually does in the park, leering at the young women there. What a prince. Fortunately, he's never there if the weather isn't perfect. AND he wears a really
  16. In some breeds Elbow dysplasia for example does not exist or is extremely rare no matter what you do to the dog as a pup. Sorry -- still trying to understand this. Would that not mean that if you stopped "breeding" border collies strictly along "breed-specific" lines, and allowed a little genetic material from a "breed" that does not develop elbow dysplasia in, that you would reduce the likelihood /prevalence of elbow dysplasia in the dog population?
  17. I regularly take Durga to a park at the end of our street, which is an unofficial dog park. It's a good group of (mostly) friendly dogs and (mostly) responsible owners. There are owner/dog combos, whose appearence at the park, signals for me to leash Durga and leave. The park, though, was essential in socializing her and helping her overcome her fear, especially of men. We've made a lot of friends via the park (human and dog). So, as others have said, I think it depends on the park. I do think there are many naive dog owners out there who assume that any dog wants to go play with any and
  18. JMack


    I just read this & now wonder about 2 episodes my 5 yr old had a couple of months ago. She was restless, hunched up, circling, and just ODD. The first time it happened I had been out of town. Her sitter had brought her home around 6-6:30, fed her, then left. I came home about 8:30. The oddness went on for perhaps 30 minutes. The 2nd time we were at the park. I can't remember about her food--but I don't feed her before we go out & try to wait until she's cooled down when we get back. She pooped, seemed fine for a minute or 2, then it happened again, though it wasn't as severe as the
  19. Durga agrees. I read her your comment and she stretched, yawned, and looked rather smug. Then I pointed out how nice it might be not to be in charge of everything all the time. Rather exhausting, isn't it? I asked her. She has retreated (sulkily) into the next room.
  20. What if people stopped breeding dogs? I'm no expert about genetics, but surely that would drastically reduce hip dysplasia in the dog population.
  21. I agree that jblaylock is giving some terrible advice but it seems to me very unlikely, from Pansmom's various posts, that she would take such advice (& jblaylock seems very, very young-- maybe too young to realize how very complex these situations can be) Pansmom, If a behavioral vet seems financially out of the question right now, have you considered talking with your regular vet about going straight to medication? Clomicalm or fluoxetine seems worth a try; both are inexpensive. You (& the dog) don't seem to have much to lose at this point. While it might be ideal to get an exa
  22. Flouxetine has been wonderful for my shy/reactive dog. She's been on it for a few months now. She still flings herself at the front door if anyone approaches the porch but no longer does it when, say, a leaf fall from a nearby tree. I don't think I realized just how much of a change it had wrought until I realized that she doesn't react much to mild thunder, only to full-out storms. It used to be that at the slightest rumble she'd be under the bed. You may see some stomach upset. I've ended up breaking the pill in half & giving it with food twice a day. That seemed to help (& I th
  23. My not-quite-5 year old seems to have developed certain signs of aging almost over night. She is still extremely active, usually the fastest dog at the park. But is rapidly getting a lot of white on her snout & face & her eyes appear to be a little cloudier. This seems to have happened within a span of a couple of months. I've looked back at photos & am pretty sure I'm not imagining this. I'll ask the vet about it when we're in for her next annual but wondered if anyone here has any thoughts on this. The only changes in her life are (1) diet food and (2) prozac.
  24. Didn't Sam's dad already say he was going to quit with the bike? Sorry for being harsh, but you might want to read the entire thread.
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