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Not Border Collie, but Great News for the Pit Bull


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Hooray! Good on them for doing the right thing. The photos are beautiful and brought a smile to my face. Pitties are banned in my province, and I often help with our local bully rescues to rehome dogs outside of the province. I wish I could own one myself one day. They're a wonderful breed.

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Hello all, this article made me do the dance of joy.

1. PETA gets a black eye. they wanted to kill all 47 of the survivors. So what exactly does PETA do with your money if not actually save animals? Oh, that's right. They're charged with the bigger picture and can't be bothered with saving individual animals.

2. Self righteous HSUS goes down with PETA. Unbelievably, they agreed with 'em

3. SI recants the 1987 article that was, in my mind, the beginning of the end for the pit bull. "Beware of this Dog" was the title and the result is that every gangsta and wannabe owns one.

4. There's a picture of the NFL's former highest paid player, Michael Vick, in chains that just made my day.

5. But, to me, the most important part of the article is the cover. It has brought animal abuse and adoption to our national front and center. About time.

Cheers all

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Buy a copy, heck buy 3 and leave the extra in places so people can read reality and not myth and stereotype.


Ha! I can think of few people who just NEED to find a copy in their bathroom.

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