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Fergie got to meet her new "niece" today.


Our daughter and her family adopted Rosie, a lab mix, from a shelter last week-end. And Mari brought Rosie, the pup, with her today when she came to help her Dad make the traditional Italian pasta for soup on Christmas Eve. I got to go pick up Elena - the grandgirl - from her dance class. I cannot make tortellini seal. They know I am not a bit Italian and split at the seams and erupt in the chicken broth. So I get the other chores.


Fergie was fascinated with Rosie. They did lots of sniffing and wagging and walking around together. Ferg even let Rosie play with her toys. Ferg turned 13 last Sunday, but she is totally willing to accept obeisance from small dogs. So she was into total wag time. Until Rosie got the zoomies - in our den. She did her very first play bows and play barks! (She was found with her sister by a country road and taken to the shelter on November 22; best guess is that she's 2 months old and never learned how to be part of a pack.) But. by then, Fergie was tired from a walk with Elena and calm play with Rosie. So she did the doggie auntie move to say, "back off."


So Rosie decided to explore the Christmas tree. A bit to much. I clapped my hands and told her "No," But about the time that Maggie da Cat put it more forcefully. Mag had been sleeping at the back of the tree - her new den. She spit like mad - no claws at all - and chased Maggie back into the kitchen.


Then we humans had lunch - and the girls all hung around. By the time Mari, Elena, and Rosie left, Fergie and Maggie were wondering where they'd disappeared.


BTW, Elena is 6-1/2, but she made sure that Fergie got lots of attention, despite her new puppy. She loves Rosie, but she went way out of her way to make sure that she gave Fergie - and Maggie a bit, not a really affectionate cat - at least as much attention as she gave her own puppy. And she knew shat she was doing; she noted that Fergie has been "her dog" since she was born, and she wants Fergie to know that she loves Ferg just as much as ever.


I'm blessed with a bunch of great girls - human and otherwise!

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:D You are, Nancy. That's a lovely story.


I'm having fun watching my nearly 7 year old Kirra dealing with our new boy, Rory. Luckily he came (at 10 weeks) with very good manners, having been taught by his mum, various aunties and a gran who only gave one warning before she followed up. :rolleyes: . Kirra has only had to issue a few edicts in the first days - now she's pretty confident the boy knows his place, and she's even starting to think about playing with him.


Merry Christmas to you and yours - sounds like it will be a lovely family Christmas.

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OK Nancy. Its the Holiday Season. Wheres your camera! Im soooo disapointed, All the great description, and no pics.........of the pasta! :rolleyes:

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I know, I know. After they left, I realized that I was having so much fun with Elena, Fergie, Maggie, & Rosie that I'd totally forgotten the camera. And that is so unlike me.


But we will all get together again on Wednesday. Lunch, two Christmas Pageants, then dinner here. Yeah, some fool at their church decided that the young kids have a pageant at 3 - shepherd and angels singing mostly - then the older one have a full play with memorized lines at 5. Like they couldn't put the two together, as my church does? Must be some childless choir director!

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Ha!I know what you mean! I went friday night to my 3yr old grand sons Christmas Pagent, it was pretty funny watching all the teachers and mothers running around trying to corral a bunch of 3 and 4 yr olds on stage just to sing Rudolf the red nosed reindeer! LOL I think they could have used a good collie or two for that job! No pics here either, as my grand son decided to sit on the floor behind everyone and act as if he wasnt even there! Dont think he'll be getting entertainer of the yr award any time soon.

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