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Dog barking with excitement.

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Sorry if another post on this theme appears. I have tried already to post one and it seems to have vanished!

Anyway, my query concerns Meg and barking. This happens when we are at the beach . Meg cannot swim though she now goes in up to her tummy. When there are other dogs there swimming with owners throwing stuff for the dogs to retrieve she goes berserk. She chases up and down at the water's edge barking loudly. I know it is excitement and frustration but can be most annoying for others and indeed for me. Any suggestions to put a stop to this behaviour will be most welcome. I don't want to stop taking her to the beach if possible. Thank you.

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Teach her to swim. Can you go out in the water with her until she gains confidence in her swimming ability? All of our BCs love the water and as puppies just followed the older dogs right in.

Barb S


HI Barb I agree that would do the trick but it is freezing here at present so not until Summer can I go into the water.(even then it is coooold !) Perhaps if I keep her on the lead I might be able to control it better.

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