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  1. I think the weirdest was recently when Meg took to tree climbing. She was looking for a ball and in fact much higher up than in the picture but by the time I got the camera she was about to come and look for me.
  2. Thank you all so very much. It is quite clear from the replies that my chatter is not influencing obedience . I am glad because I don't think I could stop talking to Meg unless it was going to benefit her. I will try and talk sense for at least some of the time.!!! So it seems that extending training period is the only way to improve response to commands , and this we will do. Thanks again.
  3. I am really interested in getting replies to this post. By 'obedient' I mean dogs that will obey commands immediately especially the 'come' command. Why I am asking this question is as follows. I live alone and find myself 'talking' a lot to Meg , sort of a running commentary on things like 'think I'll make a cup of tea now Meg' . I seem to frequently use her name when doing this. So now I wonder if by chatting with her like this it is diminishing the impact of commands. So do owners of obedient dogs do the chatting thing or tend to restrict conversation to commands. It sort of makes sense that if a dog is hearing her name mentioned frequently during the day in a manner not associated with commands she may not attach much importance to commands in which her name features. OK so some of you may think me daft and thats ok but if not please reply. thanks
  4. I am so sorry it is so hard to face losing a friend. I suppose it is the greatest love you can give her to let her go when life is too difficult. Of course there will be a huge void but I am sure you will recall all the happy times you had together and all the miles you travelled and maybe this will help a little. I will be thinking of you.
  5. Thank you for the encouragement Gloria I will stick with it and do my very best for us both. Have to remember to have my pockets filled with treats all the time.!
  6. I have just read that thread thank you. Thing is that Meg is not remotely interested in chasing cars when we are out walking . For example if she has been frantically circling a car about to go out my gate, which is always shut only opened to allow folk in cars in and out, once the car has left she makes no effort to chase it and is quite happy to come back in and revert to 'normal' behaviour. Her relationship with cars is most odd to say the least.
  7. Thank you Gloria for replying. When Meg is on the leash and there is a car coming or going she strains at the leash and barks . If I do get her to sit, occasionally, I reward her with a treat and 'good dog' words.So in general she is not well behaved when on the leash.
  8. Thank you for replying. However you are not correct about what I mean regarding leashing. I have tried to do this over quite a long period but it is obvious when an unexpected vehicle arrives and she is off leash that she reverts to the frenzy behaviour. Do you suggest I keep her on leash all the time? It would certainly not be easier for me to punish her, I hate if I gave that impression. I love Meg and would take all the time and patience needed to rid her of this habit but so far have failed. I posted because I know I need guidance and obviously had reservations about using a method that may damage her in any way.
  9. Hi please help if possible. Short history of my Meg. She is three yo , first 6 months I gather were not good and she was probably badly treated. Next 6 months were with a very kind person but she spent most of her day in a pet shop where her owner worked. was treated very well. Then she came to me. I gather there was some history of ankle nipping while in the shop. Meg is a a very lovely and loving dog and a great companion. BUT she gets in a frenzy and circles when anyone is getting in, out or driving a car near her. This also expresses itself in lawnmower chasing and circling. This can be quite scarey to some visitors. Yesterday we were visiting a friend who was having some work done on her home. When one of the workmen went to get in his car Meg grabbed and tore his trousers at ankle level. This has to stop I think you will agree. Now Meg for some reason is very scared if I go near the outdoor tap to fill can or use hose. I have no idea why but she slinks into the house. I am tempted to try spraying her with the hose the next time she gets into a frenzy, there is NO way to get her attention by voice. Should I try this or is it cruel?? If she has had some bad experience with water will it further harm her? She is quite happy paddling in the sea and keeping her head under looking for stones etc. Keeping her on the lead is not going to solve the problem , neither is shaking a bottle with water as she associates bottles with being filled with treats when i go out. I have to come up with some cure , the torn trouser gent was most understanding but not a good experience for him. I honestly don''t think she would bite as she is so gentle taking food from the hand and on the whole a very cuddle loving type dog. It is the nipping and the mindless frenzy that is worrying me so much. Do please give and opinion there is no way I want to be one iota cruel to her as you will know. Thanks so much.
  10. Tons of mojo being sent from Ireland, Ollie is so great and hopefully will be better very soon.
  11. Thank you for the replies. I will persevere and try your suggestions. It would be wonderful to break Meg of this habit. She is about 3 years old now.
  12. HI , I like the new format , thank you. Meg goes into a frenzy when vehicles leave my home or when lawnmower starts. Now there is no problem when a car drives in not even a bark but once someone even sits in the car to leave,no engine running, the frenzy starts. There is no controlling her , getting eye contact or catching her. I have tried putting her on the lead while cars leave saying 'good dog' etc if she behaves but that all goes west when off the lead. Yes I can keep her in the house but I really want to control this frenzy behaviour at source, whatever the source may be. Any ideas? Thank you.
  13. BC4ever, that is exactly Meg's behaviour. Well, she runs around the car barking furiously. I have ordered 'Control Unleashed' and will follow the suggestions of in2adventure. Never a dull moment with our dogs but gosh they are worth it.
  14. Thank you , that is most helpful and I will certainly try your suggestion. Have you any idea why dogs act like that when cars/vans are leaving?
  15. On the whole all goes well with Meg , she is a wonderful dog. BUT there is one behaviour I cannot understand and would welcome advice. When a car drives in to my place Meg may bark but nothing too bad. However different story when the car attempts to leave; she goes into a frenzy of barking running around the car quite hysterical. I can prevent this by keeping her indoors while a departure occurs but would prefer to teach her not to do it . Any suggestions as to why she does this and how to stop her will be most welcome.
  16. I know nothing about sheep herding but i don't like the sound of that farmer man. Whip??? if anyone threatened Meg with a whip well I'd go berserk. The trip with you and Sam sounds much more fun, don't risk your bond with him. By the way i though your daughter did a great job , that was a hard scenario to video.
  17. I have several feeders out for the birds. The local Crows think this is wonderful and descend to massacre the feeders. How they tear them down is a mystery but they manage it ; this means I have to frequently buy sacks of nuts and spend a fortune!! But to the rescue comes Meg who now when she hears me say 'Crows, go' dashes out to scatter them. It is the command to which she responds best. I wonder if I have the original Birder Collie.
  18. Tweak is gorgeous but the other picture must be one of the best ever. That would win a prize anywhere. The expressions are priceless.
  19. Beautiful dogs, good to see you. I am from Ireland not sure how many Irish are here.
  20. Gypsy is one clever dog and you a great teacher. I enjoyed the video very much, thanks for posting.
  21. Thank you again to those who took the trouble to help. An update on stray who I called Tango. The lead helped a lot and he has quietened down a little but as I said there is no way I can keep him. Luckily I found an organization, reputable, who will have him fostered for me until he gets a 'for ever' home. I said I would have him neutered and vaccinated before he leaves me so I take him to the Vet on Friday. I will miss Tango but have to face reality as to what I can cope with. The relief that the situation is sorted( and will hopefully have a very happy ending )is immense.
  22. Pink leather , she will love that . I hope Meg does not see it or it is I who will need to find a collar shop!! You have two gorgeous dogs best wishes to you all.
  23. I just got an email from Mel saying please ask you if she could have a collar like Sam? She does not want to be pushy , found the photo of my Meg who is the image of her and decided to ask us to intervene. I did tell her that of course she will get one but has to wait until you go to the collar shop.
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