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F/U to calming my 2 y.o. B.C.

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First I want to thank everyone who responded with their valuable suggetsions re: calming my B.C. prior to our run in the woods.


I went out this morning with him and before we started running on the trails I had him sit and wait for a few seconds; we started up this hill and if he made the attempt to jump up I had him sit by me again; I did this every time he wanted to jump up on me and possibly nip me; although, it sacrified my run, I continued to do this throughout the run - it took really only a few times before he "got it" - these B.C.'s are sooo smart... - it worked like a charm and not once did he nip me. It was so pleasurable to run with him for 1.5hours with out this annoying behavior. I will continue to do this every single time. I am hoping this will work all of the time with or without people with me.


Thank you to all your advice.

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