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Brrr Bones 2009 - Caldwell, ID

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Just bumping this up. Here's a trial that will be a fun one! The entry fees are low (so are the payouts but that's ok...), so it's a good time to bump a dog up to a new class, or enter a dog you've never trialed before. It's one of the few trials in the area that offers a novice/novice class, so it's the perfect time for newbies to get their feet wet, or for people who haven't trialed in a while to get re-acquainted with it. There will be a pig roast with all the fixins! So come check it out!



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Usher's outruns are pretty small. I don't want to make a fool of myself. Is this an arena trial? I think that's where we should start. His outruns are now about 60-85 yards. I don't think we are ready yet.


I am too anxious to trial- one of my bad habits.

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Thanks Ellie-

But, I have crashed and burned enough. I want to show my dog at his finest. LOL. Like that will happen with me as a trainer. Did you see his pics? He's coming along nicely, but not quite ready to trial. When we do trial, we hope that we don't RT or DQ. Some very small points are our goal. :rolleyes: I don't think we are ready for an assisted outrun. You've seen my blog, hon. We are re-training this old dog (me) one step at a time.

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For anyone planning on coming to the trial, please bring your own chair. The weather looks like it should be be in the high 30's, so not awful, but dress warm. We will have a burn barrel, so if you have any firewood to donate, that would be very much appreciated. Food is basically set for the most part, although, if you would like to bring a dish, please contact me. Running orders will be posted later in the week.

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