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I'm not a cold weather person. Me and snow/winter are not friends. Unfortunately, as much as I want to deny it, winter has officially arrived. But, I have a dog that loves the snow... or at least she did when she was a wee pup, this will be her first winter that she will actually be able to run around in the snow.


So I'm wondering what I (or other people in my situation) should expect for cold weather play with our young dogs. Are boots a good idea? How about intensity of play? Is the cold weather going to be harmful to them if they're panting heavily? (i.e. is the really cold air hard on their respiratory system?)


What other suggestions can anyone give for 'winterizing' with your dog? Any fun games to play?

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My dog also loves a good, fresh-fallen snow. LOVES it. But, the first day after a snowfall, he often gets snowballs in his paws if we try to walk. Something about the quality of fresh snow... doesn't happen with aged snow. I can't imagine putting boots on Buddy, so I just clear the snowballs out and let him run on. If we have a bad winter when snow falls every other day (as we are wont to do!), I guess it's more annoying. Last winter I hardly noticed any inconvenience.


Other than that, he's good to go for snow. Don't use a coat or anything. He is lovely and clean in the winter, b/c he gets a snow bath all the time.



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I've got a "snow dog" too! He just loves it, always has! If I scoup off half the deck he'll lay on the side with the snow. Fresh snow is the best toy! He runs and throws it up in the air with his nose! We had our first snow of the season yesterday. He took the puppy and introduced her to the fun!


Neither of them wear boots or coats. I do monitor how long they are out if it's super cold but usually they are pretty good judges of when it's time to come in.


Now my chihuahua on the other hand.....not so much! :rolleyes:

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Daisy doesn't mind being cold and would lay outside all day if I let her. But there is something about being wet she doesn't like. She will on the other hand chase snowballs all day and try to mash them in her teeth. (maybe she's related to Kessie!)


Our winters aren't that bad and we've never had a problem with her being too cold. Last winter though, we got 2 weeks of steady -40/-30 weather and I did have to go get her some boots. THAT was just too cold, especially since we never have a lot of snow all at once and our back yard is mostly unistone, her feet were frozen before she could even go to the bathroom. Have you ever seen a dog trying to poo and balance on one leg? It is the FUNNIEST and the saddest thing you will ever see! The boots were a life saver at that time.


I would also caution about the salt on sidewalks and walk ways, if you live in an urban/city area and do most of your walking on these surfaces. That isn't so hot on the feets and it can crack the pads, I think mushers secret has been suggested for that. Most people around here use sand instead of salt so we haven't had too much of a problem with that.


Generally, dogs are pretty hardy and if they are breeds with under-coat, they do fine in cold weather and you'll know when they are cold...they'll do the paw lift.

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My new dog came from southern Virginia. She's a year and a half, and last year was a mild winter, so I doubt that she ever saw snow....at least on the ground.


So we had our first snowfall where it actually laid (about an inch). That morning I took her out and it was a riot watching her. She kept looking at the ground funny; then she was mesmerized with how my feet would kick the snow up when I walked - she wanted to chase those little snow clumps; then she just sat and looked around her as if she was saying, "What the h*ll IS this stuff?".


When we came out later, she at first wanted to avoid walking on the grass, but then she went on it but still looked perplexed. It'll be funny to see her react when we have real accumulation (unfortunately, I am also a winter-hater, so I don't look forward to that.)


I've had puppies who saw snow for the first time and really just took to it. It was interesting to see the reaction of an older dog to the first snow! :rolleyes: I must say that I've never had a dog that didn't love the snow...so I'm sure she will love it, too!

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Scooter is a snow baby!! Loves it. The first snow of the season he's like a little kid--racing around, eating snow, etc. He tolerates cold weather much better than hot. Really cold days, he just goes out for necessities, but generally, I think BCs handle the winter weather pretty well.

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