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Do you need a sheep intervention?


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The other night, after seeing a commercial for the show "intervention", I thought to myself, do I fit the criteria for having an addiction? I looked up the signs of addiction, and indeed, I think I do. I have taken this from http://www.addictionca.com/drug-addiction-signs.htm, and fit it to the sheep aspect of our lives. Do YOU think you need an sheep-vention?


* Increase or decrease in appetite; changes in eating habits, unexplained weight loss or gain.

* Smell of sheep, body or clothes.

* Extreme hyperactivity; excessive talkativeness- about sheep and working them.

* Bruise marks or bruises on lower arm, legs or top of feet, from sheep running over you.

* Change in overall attitude / personality with no other identifiable cause.

* Changes in friends: new hang-outs, avoidance of old non-sheep crowd, new friends are sheep users.

* Change in activities; loss of interest in things that were important before, now the only thing that matters is working sheep.

* Drop in school or work performance; skips or is late to school or work.

* Changes in habits at home; loss of interest in family and family activities, or anything that doesn't have to do with sheep/sheepdogs.

* Difficulty in paying attention; forgetfulness, except for trial opening dates.

* Lack of motivation, energy, self-esteem, discipline. Bored, "I don't care" attitude, except for sheepdog work.

* Defensiveness, temper tantrums, resentful behavior (everything's a hassle), when you can't work sheep.

* Unexplained moodiness, irritability, or nervousness, when you can't work sheep.

* Violent temper or bizarre behavior, when you can't work sheep.

* Unexplained silliness or giddiness, when you schedule lots of sheep work.

* Paranoia -- suspiciousness, when people whiff you in Dunkin Donuts after working sheep.

* Excessive need for privacy; keeps door locked or closed, won't let people in, unless being invited to work sheep.

* Secretive or suspicious behavior- in the eyes of non-sheep people- to sheep people, you are just shy.

* Car accidents, fender benders, household accidents, while rushing to get to the sheep.

* Chronic dishonesty; trouble with police, when questioned about how much money you have spent on a dog, or sheep lessons.

* Unexplained need for money; can't explain where money goes; stealing - to be able to work sheep more

* Unusual effort to cover arms, legs, and neck, to hide the sheep bumps/bruises, and lanyard.

* Change in personal grooming habits, as long as there isn't obvious sheep poop on your person, it's passable.

* Possession of drug paraphernalia for sheep, and dogs.

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That's hilarious, Julie.


The worst for me is "excessive talkativeness- about sheep and working them." My friends' eyes just glaze over all the time before I realize I've been talking about the finer points of how I'm going to fix Taz's slicing this time for the past half hour again :rolleyes:

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I was hoping you would take a look :rolleyes::D I do feel like it is an addiction- truly. When I think I can't work sheep for too long, I get all buggared up, and I just want to explode. Then I walk into a field, and ZEN comes over me. I hope more people check this out, as I think it probably fits for a lot of us. I wish you and I lived near eachother so we could coordinate our training, and keep ourselves grounded... :D

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OMG Julie... I'm definitely addicted. Shall we look for a 12-step program, or form our own support group of people with the addiction who don't want a cure? I have one addition to the list:


*spends countless hours surfing the internet reading sheepdog-related websites at the expense of office work, house work, etc.

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I was just thinking about that the other day, and how all consuming this has become :rolleyes: Golf was never this bad! But I was thinking how much of my time this really takes up, scary! Everyday, as soon as I get off the air (9am) Im down at the barn working dogs or taking care of sheep and horses...and I'm usually piddling with them , working on the barn, pasture etc... throughout the day till I go back on the air at 3:30..then I ususally take a dog to feed with me in the evenings...and of course my poor husband has to listen over dinner to how good or bad the dogs went that day :D , how my sheep are doing ;-) what trials are coming up blah blah blah LOL poor guy! Yep very scary indeed! I love it! :D

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We are newbies but love talking dogs, getting tips for training,e tc. My friend with BCs (we have Aussies) goes Thursday to a trainer and she calls me before and after. I used to go Wednesdays and did the same thing. Now working my own 4 hobby sheep and talking to her about that every day. We are definitely addicts. My Alfie's BD is tomorrow. SHe will be 4 yrs old so she gets to do her favorite things: herd sheep in the a.m. and play ball. Priceless. N

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