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Not sheep. But there are some GREAT USBCHA cattle trials coming up in WY in the next few weeks, beginning the 29th of July (Morrill, NE, actually), 7/31 Rock Springs, 8/2 Wheatland, 8/5 Rawlins, 8/7 Torrington, 8/8 LaGrange, and the Finals for the series in Douglas (State Fair) on the 10th. Not sure how close any of that is to Yellowstone; they are all along the 80 mostly.




ETA: Oh, and Soldier Hollow is definitely worth watching over Labor Day just outside of Park City, UT

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It is not really close but if you have the time and opportunity go up to Scot Glens place in New Dayton Alberta. Some great dogs and handlers. Dayton would be about eight hours from West Yellowstone. We have done that trip in reverse for your fly fishing 10,000 times. I have not done the trip for some time but if I remember correctly there was a ranch outside of Bozeman we went to for a trials. Sorry I do not remember well. I will ask my wife, she never forgets anything I think. I will post back if she has the answer. There is lots of sheep out there in your area and lots of great dogs.

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