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  1. I have reason to question the food I have been using and if something has changed. I have tried to contact the company but they have not gotten back to me. All of my dogs had stool problems for about a month. We did not find anything wrong with them. The vet questioned the food but we have been using the same Medi-cal food formula for years. Last week they ran out of food so we opened a new bag and they have not had a problem since. The situation cleared up immediately so I am curious. I am reluctant to switch foods but if I could find a very high quality food I would do so. I am no expert on
  2. I would stongly suggest that you get a second BC. I have never been without 3 or more up to 7 and it is an amazing experience. I have never had a single problem outside of minor problems introducing a new dog. I have introduced new dogs, puppys to my pack who range in age from 4 to 10, they have all done well with the new dog. I think there is something about BC's in a group that works extremely well. I have also had as many as 4 puppys at once and I can tell you that they are work but more fun than you can imagine. Go for it get the second dog, you will find it very rewarding.
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