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A Heart Warming Story

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A fellow disc dogger on my clubs email forum posted this story today. I liked it so much that I asked if I could share it here. His dogs are three Border Collies and fantastic frisbee dogs...well, Irish is just a wee pup but she will be. I hope you all enjoy this story as much as I did.






My 82 year old mother had hip replacement surgery last weekend and

for three weeks now is going to be living in a rehabiliation

center/Nursing home until she can go back home.


Well I for one was not to happy about her being in this place but it

was best for her to have the rehabilitation folks by her around the

clock. A quick note if you didnt hear this in the past. My mothers

first words after surgery after I told her I loved her were "HOWS



Long story short, I love all my dogs but I feel all my dogs

are True Gifts from God brought into my life for certain reasons.

Well Rocket means a lot to my mom and to us for some reason Rocket

has always been tied into my dad who passed away 20 plus years ago.

We just feel like they have a lot of the same characteristics.


Well my mom insisted that I bring the dogs to see her at the

facility and she got approval from the staff. Well we arrived early

yesterday morning and never made it to the front door before the

elderly started to stop us and wanted to hug the dogs and get lots of

kisses. I was so so proud of my dogs, they teared my eyes up many

times. My moms room was halfway into the facility mabye a normal 1

minute non stop walk, well that first walk to visit her was no

shorter then 30 minutes with elderly and severly depressed and

pysically disabled folks showing the joy in their faces that just

overwhelmed my wife and I when we stopped and let them pet,hold and

hug the dogs.


Well I finally made it to my moms room with Rocket and

Gipper, yes where was Irish? Well she was with Stacey and it probably

took her another 30 minutes to get to my moms room as they took it

upon theirselves to start taking Irish inside private rooms to see

folks. Stacey said room after room folks were crying tears of joy and

loving and holding and hugging Irish and telling stories about their

dogs of the past. Some of these folks I heard had not have visitors

for many years. Well we stayed there visiting with my mom for about 8

hours and made many trips around the facility visiting folks over and

over and over.


Oh about my mom as soon as she saw Rocket, sorry Gipper but my mom

started to cry and Rocket went right up to her and jumped up on her

bed; thank goodness he did not hit her leg. She kept saying I love

you Rocket I love you Rocket and yes Gipper I love you to. The sad

part when we left was seeing my mom crying telling Rocket that she

loved him and she had me put him up in the bed so he could give her

some sugar.


And hey I dont know if some of you all remember Gipper in the past

away from disc dogging had to be muzzled at times in public. Well

Gipper was giving folks sugar left and right and of course our Little

Irish no doubt is our number one social butterfly.


I am not ashame to admit it, I thank God all the time for bringing

these dogs into my life. I know we love disc dogging bigtime but in

reality these dogs were brought to me and this earth to make folks

smile and the more folks I can make smile and take their minds off

their own personal problems then the better.


- Thank you for listening to my story. I was just so proud of my dogs.

mark and stacey


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One of my friends used to take her doberman to visit a local nursing home. One of the alzheimer's patients there was happy to pet her dobe but always finished by saying, "I used to have an Aussie," so one day my aussie and I went to visit her specially. It was amazing how happy she was and how she could tell the entire story of her aussie's life: where they got her, what they fed her, what she did etc.

Barb S

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